Orange Ice Cream

(Variation of Elaina Love’s French Vanilla Ice Cream)

By Marianne van den Heuvel


Note from Marianne: Last week’s Mother’s Day inspired me to develop this recipe.  My mum always made orange ice cream (using traditional cream and sugar) in the so yummy looking filled oranges.  I remember I always asked her to make this for my birthday.  Now I thought…lets try out a raw version.  So here it is, a variation of Elaina’s French Vanilla Ice Cream.  My mum lives far away (me in the Philippines and she in the Netherlands).  I sent her a picture of my Mother’s Day Orange Ice Cream and promised her we will try it out next month when I will be visiting her! 





1 cup coconut meat (if available fresh, otherwise frozen)

1 cup pili nuts (or cashew/brazil nuts)

1/3 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup coconut nectar

20 drops liquid stevia

1 piece vanilla bean (seeds removed/ scraped)

1 tsp. vanilla extract or 10 drops Medicine flower vanilla essence

10 drops Medicine flower orange essence

zest of 2 oranges

1/4 tsp. Himalayan or high mineral salt

1 1/2 cups orange juice (cut the orange in such a way that you are able to use the orange as a bowl later with the top to cover the ice cream)



1. Blend all  ingredients until it has the consistency of an ice cream.

2. Pour in the orange “bowl”.

3. Chill or freeze.

4. Serve and enjoy!



Chef Marianne is from Amsterdam but currently lives in the Philippines with her family.  She has a background in Education and Anthropology and has been working in this field for many years (both as a teacher and working for non-government organizations) in the Netherlands and Middle East.  With her love for handwoven fabrics, Marianne has created a small social business, designing and making bags of traditional textiles of the Philippines (  She also supports some other small scale social enterprises, such as families making bracelets, using glass beads and gemstones.  “I just love making designs and select the colors and beads in the local markets.”  (

Marianne loves colors and green is her favorite.  “It is quite funny but most of my clothes are green.  I found out that wearing green in the urban jungle of Manila gives me the feeling of being surrounded by nature.  It really works!”

These past years, Marianne was fortunate to take time to do a Yoga Teacher Training course and focus on how to heal herself from years of stomach pain.  Discovering raw food is a result of a long journey trying out different food to treat her sensitive digestive system.  Raw food does Marianne so well and makes her feel light in lots of different ways.  Marianne did Elaina Love’s course in November 2014 and is so happy that she did.  “Here I can combine health with my creativity.  I feel very inspired to share my learning.”


Earlier this year, Marianne started a Healthy Lunch & Juice delivery service for friends in the neighborhood and she loves it!  Food that is mostly raw, vegan, low glycemic, gluten free, and organic.  To make sure not to waste lots of plastic, she delivers the lunches in a nice take-out container to be re-used.  It comes with a small story about what is for lunch that day… an insight of the benefits of a certain herb or spice, the beautiful process of soaking and sprouting, or a small personal story that led to this recipe.


KOKOGroen is created to promote raw food and share the learning, in the Philippines and abroad.  Marianne is also building this business with the idea to continue raw food activities when she move back to Amsterdam – catering, teaching raw food, and selling organic coconut products from the Philippines.  In the Philippines she is currently building partnerships with coconut farmers who are producing organic and fair trade products to export to Europe.  Further, she is working on recipes for a cook book (in Dutch), introducing simple and yummy colorful raw food recipes for people who like to introduce some raw food in their diet.  Translated it will be called ‘Eating with your Eyes’.



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