By Karolina Eleonóra from The Raw Dessert Kitchen


From the Snack Smarter ebook.  Nut free.  Makes four big bars.

Note from Karolina: These bars are very satisfying, and great to curb hunger.  I can’t eat too much of them as they are full packed of dense sweetness from the dates, one or two small bites is all I need when I need it.  I keep them in my freezer to come in handy after exercise, when I’m on long shopping excursions or traveling.


Food processor



1/2 cup Macadamias or cashews, pecans, almonds

1/2 cup Shredded coconut or coconut chips

1/2 5 cup Dried cherries or cranberries


Sticky Glue Bar ingredients

5-6 Dates (the smaller ones, not the large Medjool dates)

5-6 dried apricots

3 tablespoon Virgin coconut oil

small pinches Himalayan salt

1 tablespoon Barely grass powder (or Maca, Purple Corn, Acaí berry powder, Spirulina, Hemp protein etc).



1. Add all of the trailmix ingredients to a food processor and process until you have crumbles.  Set aside in a larger bowl.

2. Pit and soak the dates and apricots for 5 minutes.  Make a paste of them in a food processor, then add the rest of the ingredients until you have a sticky glue.  Pour the sticky glue in the bowl with the crumble and incorporate by hand.  You will get a rather messy result.  Save some extra trailmix to go on top of the bars.  With your hand, flatten out the dough and cut 4-5 bars with a knife.




Karolina Eleonóra from The Raw Dessert Kitchen is a  raw dessert chef who is passionate about inspiring people to start making raw food desserts infused with super foods.  Her recipe eBook Snack Smarter features raw balls, squares, bars, truffles, macaroons, cookies and leathers.

Grab the ebook and start stocking your freezer because you never know when you need a good raw bar or cookie.




Snack Smarter eBook: www.therawdessertkitchen.com

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