By Debra Mazer

(Note from Chef Debra: From the lush tropical jungles of Hawaii to the Arizona desert, I have delighted in being part of Elaina Love’s kitchen crew, learning not only her wonderful way with food, but also her peaceful and positive energy in the kitchen, as magical creation laboratory!

There are many recipes I could choose to impress, after 12+ years as a Raw Chef.  However, one of the most important is the Kale Salad Classic.  This simple and quick, easy salad is a staple when incorporating Raw Foods into your life!  It can be embellished through adding various fresh herbs and spices, seasonal vegetables as garnish, and can also be folded into a Nori Roll for a Travel-friendly and hearty Raw Meal.)

Serves 2



1 bunch Kale (Red Russian is Debra’s favorite, or Green Curly Kale)

1/2 – 1 Avocado, cut into chunks

1 tablespoon Fresh-squeezed Lemon Juice

1 tablespoon Olive Oil (cold-pressed, Debra loves Napa Valley brand)

1/2 teaspoon Sea salt/ pink Himalayan salt

1 clove Fresh garlic, crushed in garlic press

Cucumber plus tomato slices to garnish



1) Break/ chop kale lovingly into bite-size bits, removing the bulk of the stem (save for juicing!).

2) Massage all ingredients except avocado plus garnish, with hands in a big bowl until wilted and marinated.

3) Remember your healing Reiki hands!

4) Add avocado chunks and massage one last time.

5) Decorate with cucumber plus tomato garnish.

6) Serve in your favorite bowl.   Enjoy!

Chef Debra likes eating Kale Salad with chopsticks or her hands, for extra fun.  It can also be folded into a Nori Roll.

Watch Debra prepares this Kale Salad Classic!




You might know Debra as a Raw Chef and Author, but really she’s a Spiritual Seeker and Life Adventurer.

She wants to live in a world where people are Connected and Free.

Debra has one message for you:  You are Beautiful + Loved.

As a Raw Chef, Debra has been featured on KrisCarr.com and TheKindLife.com.  She recently won The Best of Raw Awards 2014 for her Hot Love Chocolate Truffles.

When she’s not busy in the kitchen, with a client, or writing her next book, you can find her singing in the Agape International Choir, going for treasure walks, traveling to festivals and retreats, dancing ecstatically.


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