#09 – Sourcing your Vitamin D

June 13, 2015

Vitamin D Source



Hi Elaina,

What is the best way to increase our vitamin D levels.  Low Vitamin D levels seems to be a very common problem.  I have even taken up to 5,000 iu D3 and I take blood tests and saliva tests and the increase is very little.  I have been told that it is NOT good to take such high supplementation.  But how can I get my levels up?  My diet is low glycemic high raw.  I drink at least a quart of celery and kale juice a day and have been a health-oriented vegetarian all my life.  I used to get a lot of sun growing up as we lived in the desert and played outside all the time.  But when I got older I avoided the sun because it is not good for the skin/aging.  I have heard that you should sunbathe every day for 15-20 minutes around 10 AM (What is the best time to sunbathe?) and that you should not have a bath for about an hour after.  I know there are D3 drops you can take, but do those really work?  What is the best brand of D3 to use?




Elaina’s Advice

Hi Susan,

The best way to supplement Vitamin D3 (make sure it’s not just vitamin D or D2 as those are the wrong kinds to take) is through either  a liquid brand that I really like by Quantum Nutrition: http://www.qnlabs.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=21_28&products_id=23 or Dr. Mercola’s brands of sprays seem to work well: http://shop.mercola.com/product/vitamin-d-spray,61,221,0.htm

According to Dr. Mercola MD, the best dosage for most adults is 8000 IU a day in order to raise your levels to 4ng/ml.  You would need to get tested to see where you are at http://shop.mercola.com/product/vitamin-d-test-kit,1090,0,0.htm

Food sources include: raw milk, egg yolks, and fish.  If you are vegan, these are not an option and I don’t choose to get my vitamin D3 from these sources.


For your raw nutrition needs, visit PureJoyPlanet.com.

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