#10 – Whitening Teeth

June 14, 2015

Whitening Teeth



Hi Elaina,

What is the scoop on whitening teeth?  I would love to get my teeth whitened by my dentist.  I told her that I was concerned that it would erode/hurt the enamel and she said that this is incorrect.  Do you have any information on this issue?

Thank you!



Elaina’s Advice

Hi Susan,

Here are the information I gathered from my research and while trying tooth whitening once while I was in Thailand:

1. Whitening creates extreme tooth sensitivity and sometimes excruciating pain for 24 hours after procedure.  The sensitivity to hot and cold can last for months.

2. It can damage soft tissue.

3. It can permanently damage teeth.  Whitening weakens tooth enamel and can produce a translucent look or discoloration that cannot  be fixed.  Whiten at your own risk!

4. A better option for teeth whitening is to use a natural tooth whitener.

5. Here are some natural tooth whitening remedies:

a. Coconut Oil Pulling: Swish coconut oil (which is high in lauric acid) in your mouth for 15-20 minutes daily before brushing your teeth.  This also has the benefit of healing your mouth of abscesses or any other diseases in your body which may be lurking.  The oil actually pulls toxins out of your body through your mouth and into the oil so be sure to dispose of oil carefully.

b. Make a paste of lemon juice and baking soda.  Dry your teeth off with a towel, then apply the paste and leave on for 1 minute.

c. Make a paste with a wee bit of malic acid (1/16th tsp) or 1 mashed strawberry and baking soda and water and leave on your teeth for 3 minutes.  Be sure to brush well afterwards.  The malic acid can strip your teeth of plaque or stains.

6. Things to avoid: coffee, green juice, beet juice, and chocolate drinks.  Make sure not to brush your teeth soon after drinking these.



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6 thoughts on “#10 – Whitening Teeth

    • Hi Raw, I think you were talking about the part about baking soda. The reason to dry your teeth with a towel is that sometimes baking soda can damage your gums. I do however brush my teeth daily with my own baking soda toothpaste that I made from Xylitol, baking soda, coconut oil and mint oil. I am just careful not to brush my gums. I hope this is what you were talking about


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