June 10, 2015

Colon Hydrotherapy


#Ask Elaina

Hi Elaina,

I have been researching more information about colon hydrotherapy or enema and found this article http://m.livescience.com/48482-colon-hydrotherapy-risks-side-effects.html.  Basically there are lots of pros and cons about the treatment and the side effects that it may cause to our body.  Can you please advise on this matter please? Thank you.


Elaina’s Advice

Hi Yus,

My experience with colonics, has been 100% safe and effective for detoxification.  Many people I know have lost weight (in fact 1 woman I know lost 5 lbs in 1 session!) as it helps to remove any blockages in the body.  Sometimes health conditions go away after a series of 3 or more colonics.

It’s a great way to get hydrated as well.

As for the cons, the only one I’ve heard is that it can rinse away your good bacteria.  It is true that the colon can be washed clean temporarily of good bacteria, however if you are eating a healthy diet high in probiotics (such as sauerkraut, coconut kefir, or coconut yogurt or taking probiotic capsules) you will replenish them in no time.

Also I recommend as a dietary supplement to take probiotics before bed every night to ensure you are balancing your healthy bacteria.  This can be in the form of any of the above.


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If you are concerned about colonics, then try your own enemas at home.  Be sure to only do them daily for a week at a time during a cleanse or detox or to do them off and on as needed such as when you are feeling sick, are constipated, or have eaten poorly and want to help get it through your system quicker.  Don’t ever do them every day for more than 1 week as you need to make sure your regular peristalsis works on it’s own.


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