#05 – On Soaking Nuts

May 7, 2015

On Soaking Nuts

Ask Elaina:

Hi Elaina!

I’m back in Manila and it is so hard to be strict with raw food diet because of limited and not to mention, expensive ingredients needed.  What are your sources online?

I also would like to ask more about soaking nuts.  I tried to soak almonds, walnuts, and cashews but the next day, I noticed flowery cottons growing on them.  Did I over soak?

I was also wondering if the nuts I bought were already cooked that caused the molds?  It came from a bakery supply.  Can you still soak cooked nuts?

Here are some photos:


















Thanks so much!


Elaina’s Advice:

Hi Kim,

Thank you for your questions.  I know some students might have a similar experience when they go home and start making gourmet raw dishes.

For online sources of nuts, seeds, and spices , try iHerb.com and vitacost.com.  They deliver almost anywhere in the world.

For soaking nuts , seeds, and flax seeds , make sure not to cover them in plastic wrap as this makes them mold quickly.  Leave them uncovered or lightly covered with a towel, and if you are in a humid climate, be sure to  soak them overnight in the refrigerator, not on the countertop.  It is so humid in the Philippines that you always need to soak your food in the refrigerator and  soak at least overnight since that will be cooler.

Just start over and put them in the refrigerator to soak next time.  You DO NOT want to eat molds.  I know it hurts to throw them away but you cannot use them in your body.  You can put them in your compost pile.  That is the best use for them now.  Remember, your health is #1 above $$$.

As for soaking cooked nuts, it will be a good idea to remove the dirt and bacteria by soaking them but know that they will mold quickly so soak them only one hour in water with a teaspoon 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide in the refrigerator and then rinse them very well with purified water.  Use the cooked nuts to make something cultured such as cheese as the fermentation process will bring them back to life (using coconut kefir to make cheese is the best way).  If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, at least soak them in 1 tsp. salt and 1 capful of apple cider vinegar for one hour to remove bacteria and phytates.

All the best in your raw food journey!


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