#03 – Everyday Flushing

February 22, 2015

Everyday Flushing

Ask Elaina:

I have been eating raw food – 80% raw and 20% cooked – since this past July.  I often need psyllium and a pill to eliminate every day.  All the raw eaters are always surprised to hear that I am constipated.  I eat a lot of fruits (smoothies plus cut fruits) in the mornings and greens in the afternoon.  I do an hour exercise everyday.  I make sure I drink a lot of water.  Any suggestions to help my intestines to eliminate toxins?

N.B. My colonoscopy examination was all good .

Thanks in advance!


Elaina’s Advice:

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your question.

#1 I would say if you are eating a lot of fruits to stop eating bananas as they are constipating.

#2 Focus more on the leafy green veggies and try to get down to just 1 piece of fruit a day.

#3 Sub all those fruits for high water content veggies such as tomatoes, red bell peppers, cucumbers, and zucchinis.

#4 Drink at least 1 quart of green juice a day (no fruit).

#5 Flax and chia can be constipating and bloating for long time raw foodies.  It is for me after all of these years of eating them.  I avoid flax and chia for the most part now and never take psyllium (unless it is in small amounts in a raw food recipe) as it can be very clogging and will constipate you after your body gets used to it being around.  If I do eat too much flax or chia I get bloated and constipated.

#6 Avoid too many nuts and seeds.  If you do eat them a lot, be sure to culture them into a cheese using good quality probiotics which contain plantarum or use a kefir starter to make coconut water kefir and then use that kefir to make the nut and seed cheeses.

#7 Drinking water is good and your best bet is to drink warm lemon water every morning before eating (about 3 TBS lemon in 1 quart water).

#8 Also try MSM powder as a way to keep the body flushing toxins and keep inflammation down.

#9 Try a parasite cleanse or a liver flush.  Check out my liver flush e-bookliver/gallbladder flush kit with instruction manual, or join me in one of my upcoming detox courses.

Have fun and keep me posted!

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