#02 – Have a Low Glycemic Valentine Month!

February 15, 2015

Have a Low Glycemic Valentine Month!

Hi all of you beautiful chocolate lovers!

I hope whether you are single and enjoying the love you radiate to the world or are in a relationship and are celebrating the love you reflect in each other, that you have a delightful month!

There are so many sweet ways to celebrate your love and sometimes it can be a little too “sweet”. As all the latest science is showing us, and according to many MDs and other experts Sugar is Poison! A lot of the latest books and documentaries coming out these days are espousing what we teach at Pure Joy Culinary Academy… that eating fruit, sugar, and other natural sweeteners is not good for your health. Even raw, vegan chocolates can be loaded with agave and honey which will also spike your blood sugar, causing weight gain (especially belly fat), brain fog, candida, diabetes and cancer if eaten in excess.

Stevia is a safe, plant sourced, zero glycemic sweetener which I love to use in my recipes these days. My favorite brand is sweet leaf as it doesn’t have any fillers.

Coconut sugar in moderation is on the low glycemic side, but be aware that too much of it can also cause insulin spikes leading to premature death and aging!

So enjoy your chocolates this Valentine Month without the guilt or blood sugar spikes. Going sugar free can be delicious! Check out my latest #AskElaina video where I talk more about good and bad sweeteners.

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