Since I love sprouting so much, I thought I would update this blog post from 2012. Enjoy your sprouting at home!

Elaina Love

I love sprouts! Who doesn’t love fresh foods grown in their very own kitchen? Well if you feel daunted by the task, check out this post on how to easliy grown your own at home..

There are 2 ways to grow sprouts. 1 is in dirt and the other (much easier) is to grow your own sprouts in jars. To grow them in jars, all you need is some 32 oz. (1 liter) sized mason jars, some mesh screen form a hardware store, rubberbands to secure the screen and some sprouting seeds such as alfalfa, clover and broccoli. Then soak about 1 TBS of the seeds in the jar and add enough water to cover plus a bit more. Let sit overnight in the water, then drain them and turn them upside down at an angle (with the screen fastened in place0. Rinse the sprouts morning and evening and keep…

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