Dry Fasting for people who want to be free (for a while)


Dry fasting (DF) is so fun and so Free-ing! I mean when else can you have no requirement for anything except air? ! I’m at hour 22 of no food, no water, no juice, (I know you want to say no fun) but…YES fun! I don’t feel hungry, I am not thirsty and I don’t have to pee every hour like I do on juice or water fasts. It is such a peaceful state to be in. I can stay focused for hours (as I have today) on tasks on my computer such as editing, payroll, responding to emails, doing math, meeting people and talking business, etc. I sat for hours today at Whole Foods on my computer and didn’t need to get up once because I had no need to pee or drink or eat.

no pee

I didn’t feel agitated or fidgety (as I do often when working on my computer for long periods). I was very ZEN.  A few hours later, I met with my assistant, Sarah. During our meeting, I felt very calm and grounded. I was able to stay very, very focused which pleased me greatly. Some of those Kudos go to Miss Sarah as she is 100% raw and a pretty chill, focused gal.


Every time I do this DF I wonder why I don’t do it more often. I know the answer…because getting in the “mode” of fasting is a discipline of the mind and the will, and I’m not always willing to submit. But girl, when I do, I wonder what I had been waiting for? Don’t get me wrong, I love food! But when I’m in this state of just being (and typing) I could care less about about any of that stuff.


To begin a DF, I recommend eating a healthy plant-strong diet for a week or two before you begin. The day before you begin, have only juice (raw, green juice is preferable). If you are already eating a super high raw diet, avoid lots of dehydrated nuts and snacks which can rob you of energy even in their enzyme rich states.

Last night, after drinking green juice all day, I stopped drinking full stop at 9pm. I will be at hour 24 of DF in less than 2 hours  (24 hours is recommended for a first time DF or if you have not done one in a year). Then I’ll drink some more green juice and sleep if I can. Tomorrow more green juice all day and then perhaps another dry fast on Saturday. I’m just playing around here and experimenting with what feels good. I’ve got some down time between courses (Bali is next and coming up in about 6 weeks) so gonna do everything I can to keep my beautiful body in top working order and erase some of the lines I’ve accumulated from stress and sunshine.

warriors are not bornHere are some DF benefits listed on a blog I just read. She is a Russian gal and was able to translate some information on DF from Russian. There is little documentation in the USA, and a lot more in Russia apparently.

Here’s to Dry Fasting and enjoying being an autonomous being who does not require anything (at least for a while…)

From: https://myambermoment.wordpress.com/
To sum up, here are the virtues of dry fasting:
1. Fat-loss is three times more intense than during water fasting;
2. Hungry feeling passes much faster;
3. The organism cleans faster and more efficiently, cells renew themselves, cysts and benign tumors disappear, which doesn’t happen during water fasting;
4. You feel better than during a water fast because endogenous intoxication doesn’t take place;
5. Strong anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory effects arise;
6. Efficient rejuvenation, based on proliferation of strong cells and extermination of the weak ones.
So what about the length of fasting periods? Russian treatises describe examples of short-term dry fasting (1-3 days) as well as long-term dry fasting (3-11 days). One of our main specialists in dry fasting suggests cascade fasting, which means fasting on one of the following schedules:
1) 1 day fast – 1 day eat, 1 day fast – 1 day eat, etc,
2) 2 days fast – 2 days eat, etc;
3) 3/3;
4) 4/4;
5) 5/5;
6) 1/1+2/2+3/3+4/4+5/5.

2 thoughts on “Dry Fasting for people who want to be free (for a while)

  1. Elaina!

    I just finished 18 hours of dry fasting and i’m addicted to it! I get so much clarity on whatever is troubling me after every dry fast!

    Oh I so love you for introducing me to raw food and dry fasting!

    Hugs and million kisses!

    Liked by 1 person

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