Optimum health this Christmas at Optimum Health Institute

I spent a few days at Optimum Health Institute in San Diego.  Follow my stories and my friends’ stories here…

On my way to Optimum Health Institute #1
I have decided to spend Christmas week cleansing and fasting in San Diego.  Follow me on my journey as I explore what often health institute has to offer.
Fasting and cleansing at optimum health institute day 2
Today is day two at optimum health Institute, I talk a little bit about the types of food that available here and what to expect for the week.
Optimum Health Institute #3
It’s day three here at optimum health Institute.  Feeling good and definitely feeling like I want to eat something…  Loving my journey here so far.
The wheatgrass room at optimum health Institute #4
In this video I show you the wheatgrass room and talk about what we do with all the wheatgrass.  We juice.
Interview with A dedicated cleanser at optimum health institute
Today I interviewed my friend Ahyva who has been to the institute many times.  Hear what she has to say about the program.
Getting great sleep at optimum Health Institute #7
Meet my new friend and rookie here at OHI, Debby.  She is loving the great sleeps she gets here, and still trying to find a way to like wheatgrass.


Get off your butt and make some juice! Optimum health institute
If you’re ready to change your life and lose some weight now is the perfect time. God won’t help you unless you help yourself. Watch this video and get inspired

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