Pure Joy Detox!

It’s day 2 of our 5 day juice fast and detox here in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ.


I was thinking this morning on my drive home from yoga that if everyone knew how amazing this course was and how effective this cleanse is and how much total and absolute joy we experience doing this cleanse, my classes would be sold out.  I highly encourage you to check out my courses, or at least start by getting my detox manual (coming soon as an e-book).

Your life will be transformed forever!

In the meantime, we are holding down the fort and enjoying our Pure Joy Detox.


2 thoughts on “Pure Joy Detox!

  1. Elaina this is so true. If everyone knew how good your detox juice cleanse is you’d be mobbed with business and so would I. Elaina, I follow you and met you at the Monarch’s wedding. I know you use green powders at times during a juice feast (I followed your 91-day)… I’ve found an incredible line from a guy who cared for Bernard Jensen in his last years and who knew Ann Wigmore personally … I don’t have your cellphone number. I don’t have your email. So please call me at 917-588-6-oh-15 or just comment here (I’m following! I’m a loyal subscriber and shop on your website.) I want to give you a tour you can watch while you are fasting. It’s an easy youtube tour of the company. You can simply add these products to your online ecommerce site. I am subscribed to this comment-feed. Your dry fast while green juice fasting article was very helpful and I shared that with friends in the Bay Area.

    Blessings, cici


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