Today is Intermittent Fasting day

Today is my intermittent fasting day. I fast 2x per week for 32-36 hours each time (or longer if I’m feeling like it). Sundays and Wednesdays are the best days for me. What have I noticed over the last 6 weeks of doing this? 1. I am getting very lean again, especially around my abs and waistline (yay!), 2. I am not as hungry on my fasting and non fasting days so I am eating less overall. 3. I feel happier and more energized all the time. It seems to me that the less I eat, the more energy I have. 4. I am choosing 90-100% raw foods most days as that’s all I am really craving now.

New to fasting? Here are some tips to get you started:
5 Tips for Staying on your fast

If you do give intermittent fasting a try, keep these general tips in mind: There are several kinds of IF. I do the all day fast but I include green juice so I’m getting maybe 100-200 calories a day. My juice consists of Organic: Celery, cucumbers, kale-chard-parsely-cilantro(pick 1), ginger (sometimes) and lots of fresh squeezed lemon juice. This should all be made fresh, not store-bought. See my video for more tips.

1. Drink plenty of water, tea or juice (even coffee black if you still drink coffee is okay in moderation…organic of course). The key to fasting is keeping your belly full of liquids when you feel those hunger pangs.

2. Think of yourself as taking a break or healing your body vs. depriving yourself. Think about how you are reversing the aging process and getting rid of unwanted yeast, mold and fungus as well as stored fat every time you fast. The more positively you think about what you are doing, the more motivated you will be.

3. Read! Get on the internet and research intermittent fasting. There are so many great sites, which will tell you all the benefits you are gaining and why IF (intermittent fasting) is so great!

4. Keep busy. If you are just sitting around thinking about food you are way less likely to stay on the fast. However, if you schedule a yoga class, a walk with friends or a trip out shopping, you will be less likely to go to the fridge for a fix.

5. Enjoy yourself! Think positive thoughts, pamper yourself with a home facial or a sauna or hot bath. Relax and take great care of your beautiful, precious Billion Dollar Body!

2 thoughts on “Today is Intermittent Fasting day

  1. Stacy

    Hi Elaina, I would love to have a breakdown of what you are drinking, and when, sort of “an intermittent day in the life of Elaina” 🙂 I did a juice fast before, but the juice doesn’t last long before I’m feeling a little hungry, so was wondering how many times per day you juice, how much you drink each time, what you drink in between juices, etc. Do you happen to have a favorite that could help to lower medium-high blood pressure? Thank you for your blog!


    • Hi Stacy! I drink about 64-80 ounces (2 1/2 liters) of green juice a day on my fasting days. The juice consists of: 2 heads of celery, 3 large cucumbers, 1 head of parsley or 6 leaves of dinosaur kale, 2 lemons, 1 small piece of ginger or turmeric. I make it in the morning and keep it in my refrigerator. I always grab a juice before leaving the house. Not because I will be tempted by something else (I never am) but just to keep my energy up if I need it.
      I also still enjoy having a cup of organic black coffee (nothing added) and I make it cold pressed (just steep in cold water over it and let it sit overnight). Or drink hot tea. I like a lemon ginger tea and I drink that in the evenings.
      The juice I mentioned above is the best as it is zero glycemic (sugar) and will help lower your blood pressure.


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