Introducing Chef Elaina Love

i just finished filming my level 1 Certification course for online training. I’m so excited! I’m grateful to Alisha the Explorer for her participation and help.

Alisha's Blog

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott |  Alisha is a writer, artist, and social entrepreneur. She is a Creative Director at Sedona Advertising Agency (SAA). 

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All food that we as humans eat “starts out” raw; uncooked. Those who eat plant-based diets are sometimes called vegans, vegetarians, and raw foodists. What is a raw foodist? A raw foodist is someone who eats a plant-based diet in which the food is never heated beyond 117 degrees Fahrenheit. Why only to 117 degrees Fahrenheit? Beginning at 118 degrees Fahrenheit, the enzymes cannot tolerate the high temperatures used in cooking, baking, microwaving, canning, and pasteurizing. These methods all produce heat above 118 degrees which destroys the enzymes.

This past week, Mark Short and I drove to Tucson to produce a series of instructional videos for our newest client, gourmet raw food Chef, Elaina Love of Pure Joy Academy…

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