Intermittent Dry Fasting on Candida cleansing Green Juice Fast

Today is day 13 of my zero sugar green juice fast. I have days of feeling super great and energized and loving everything about my progress to having days where I want to lay on the couch and do nothing. It just depends on how deep in ketosis I am. Ketosis is when the body switches from burning glucose to burning fat. This is a good thing because the fat is where the toxins hang out and it is also a direct competition between the good cells and the bad bacteria, parasites or fungus and if you keep at it, the good cells will win! Not to mention the side benefit of getting rid of excess fat and cellulite.

Two out of these 13 days have been a Dry Fast. What is a dry fast? This is the absolute, hands down, quickest way to enter ketosis and gobble up the bad guys.  I included some information from a Russian expert. below. Dry fasting has been practiced for a long time in Russia with excellent results but is not well known in the US or other parts of the world yet.

Why am I doing this? Because I started to experience some mild depression and weight gain due to hormonal changes and I have had a life long love affair with sweet foods because of my history with Candida, mold and fungus. I was also feeling a bit of a slave to food, so it was time to level the playing field.


How did I know it was time? Really for me, when I don’t know what to do…I fast. It seems to work for so many religious and spiritual practices because of the effectiveness and quickening to get to a state of peace. Every time I checked in about what I should personally do I got an instant response from my guidance to “Fast!”


I didn’t really start to look into the dry fasting until the green juice fast was well under way, but I feel those 2 days I’ve done so far have furthered me much farther along than the juice could have. I plan to do another 24 hour dry fast this week and eventually would like to do 36-40 hours. I’m taking it slow (for one the first times in my life!) so that I can ease in and enjoy the entire process without shocking myself too much. Plus I have work to do and places to go and I don’t want to stop my daily exercise routine of Hot Yoga, Hiking or Bike riding.


More info on Dry fasting:

Quote: by Dr. Filonov
“Dehydration causes competition between healthy cells and pathological organisms for water. It is a real survival-of-the-fittest scenario. Inflammation cannot survive without water. A wet environment is ideal for the proliferation of pathological bacteria, viruses and worms – water shortage is as devastating as fire for them. All dead or dying tissues will be expelled from the body. A water fast does the same thing but takes much longer to accomplish the goal.


What is inflammation? Tissues are swollen with water where infection is having a party. Pathological bacteria and microbes love wet terrain. Dry fasting eliminates inflammation the same way a swamp gets rid of mosquitoes and other insects when it dries up. Microbes are annihilated immediately. The shortage of water is a cleansing drought that is disastrous to the body’s enemies. It is pernicious for pathological bacteria.”

Quote:  by Dr. Filonov Paraphrased
“Dehydrated cells act as furnaces burning the toxic matter”. [These are the weaker cells diseased or otherwise that are losing in the competition for the limited water].

“Dry fasting slows the rhythm of cell division, allowing the body to use more energy for repair and healing. The Chernobyl victims’ improved condition led researchers to believe that even heritable mutations can be reversed, with the restoration of the nucleic acids, DNA and RNA, taking place. Even damaged cells begin to divide normally.
Regular fasting also helps restore the protective functions of cells and organs against radiation damage. This is particularly important for those who live or work in settings where one is regularly subjected to radiation. The process of fasting improves the mechanisms for expelling toxic substances that interfere with the body’s proper functioning—radio-nuclides, nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals and other poisons.”
Only strong, viable cells survive a dry fast. So, as this experiment demonstrates, even short-term dry fasts serve as a powerful prophylactic against malignant tumors.”
from: Raw Food Blog Blog Archive Radiation: What Can You Do?

Here is what I have been consuming for the last 14 days:


  • Warm water with lemon juice first think in the morning
  • 32 oz green juice at a time 3 to 4 times a day (celery, cucumber, lime, kale, dandelion, parsley) I change up the greens daily.
  • E-3 Live blue green algae (Brain on) 2 oz. at a time 1 to 2 times a day
  • 1 oz. of Fulvic minerals 2-3 times a day
  • supplements: MSM (1 TBS), Vitamin D and Max Stress B

Juicer used: Green Star

Store juices in 32 oz mason jars and fill all the way to the top and refrigerate. The juice will stay fresh for 48 hours.

Days 4 and 9: 24 hour dry fast. Began at 9:30 pm and ended at 9:30 pm the next day with 16 oz. of green juice then off to bed for more dry fasting during the night.  I noticed that each time on these dry fasts I went into deep ketosis (160) and began menstruating within 20 hours (even though it was not near my cycle). The menstruation stopped about 12 hours after drinking green juice again.

Day 10: in the evening 1 hot soup: frozen, organic peas blended with hot water, himalayan salt and onion powder

Day 11: in the evening 1 hot soup with frozen organic peas blended with hot water, himalayan salt, onion powder and 10 sun dried olives mixed in whole after blending.

Day 12: in the evening 1 1/2 avocados mashed with salt and onion powder mixed with freeze dried peas and sun dried olives


If you choose to endevor into a fast of any kind please be sure to consult your physician first. They will probably tell you not to do it! But I have to say this for legal reasons 🙂

Enjoy the journey! And, as my good friend Dorothy Bauer says: “Enjoy not enjoying it!”



6 thoughts on “Intermittent Dry Fasting on Candida cleansing Green Juice Fast

  1. Did you had a white coating on your tongue while doing the dry fast? was there more or less acidosis? I saw you stared having soups on day 10 is that the process of slowly moving back into food? (coming out of fast)? Are you taking prodeolytic enzymes during your fast? Thanks for sharing!


    • I was really alkaline too! Up at 7-7.4 most times I checked. I didn’t do the proteolytic enzymes this time (I actually forgot) thanks for the reminder. I’ll do those next time right before starting dry. I’m starting another 24 hours at 2 pm today (It’s 1:11 now 🙂


    • No white coat at all! I’m dry fasting again today (hour 25 now) and my tongue is pink pink pink! I think I have finally worked through that white layer and that means my intestinal tract (GI tract) is getting much cleaner since the tongue reflects what’s happening throughout the tube.


  2. moyomoy

    Did you had a white coating on your tongue while doing the dry fast or first days? was there more or less acidosis after the dry fast? I saw you stared having soups on day 10 is that the process of slowly moving back into food? (coming out of fast now or)? Are you taking prodeolytic enzymes during your fast? Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Moyomoy, yes I had white coating but since I have done so much cleansing not so much as I used to get. I use a tongue scraper to get the excess bile off of my tongue. Yes blended foods are the best way to move back into a solid food diet. It takes discipline so I would say if you are on a 14 day fast, start introducing blended foods on day 11 or 12 so in your mind you are still “one the fast” and wont try to move into solid foods too quickly. The mind needs to be worked with so if you are going to stay on blended for an extra week then say to yourself that it is a 21 day fast so that those blended days actually count to your mind as fasting days.
      I don’t use prodeolytic enzymes but I do use digestive ones which help gobble up the excess proteins in my blood.

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