Dry Fasting and Zero Sugar Green Juice Fast

Detox Juices-1Well I’m at it again! After a big move to Tucson, lots of life changes, stressful  times, and too much eating I decided to take some time just for me and do a long green juice fast. Little did I know that I would also include dry fasting  this time which I have never tried before. I’ve known about it for a while now and even teach about it in my detox classes. I found the information in one of my favorite books: Quantum Eating by Tonya Zavasta. She has a chapter where she talks about the amazing healing benefits of a dry fast.

 I began this fast 5 days ago and decided to do it for an unknown amount of days so that I could work with my inner guidance and not some protocol or outside source. I have been experiencing some hormone fluctuations lately (unexplained sadness, low energy, night sweats, face flushing and weight gain) so I decided a green juice fast would be the best way to bring myself back into balance quickly. Well, I was right, it has worked! After my first day on greens only ( no fruit, carrot or beet juice) just celery, cucumber, turmeric root, ginger, parsley or kale or other dark leafy greens, I no longer feel any uncomfortable hormone imbalances and am experiencing increased energy and life force surging through me! My mood is excellent and I’ve dropped 11 pounds as of this morning (only 4 days in)! I think most of it was inflammation or just a holding on because of crazy hormones. My stomach is flat again and all puffiness is disappearing.

dry cleaningOn day 3 I was internally guided to do a 24 hour dry fast. So on Valentines Day, I went nowhere (other than 90 minute Bikram yoga class)  and just stayed inside and laid around watching movies and doing research on my computer. It was a wonderful , peaceful day. I felt not even 1 trace of hunger and very little thirst. I could feel my tongue was still quite moist throughout the day and I had no signs of dehydration. I was still urinating. I did what is called a hard dry fast (no washing hands, no brushing teeth, showering or any contact with water through the skin) as I was feeling that was my best choice. Easy!

What did I notice after 25 hours of dry fasting? Well today is day 5 of my fast and on hour 25 of my dry fast (last night at 10:30pm) I was in my kitchen making green juice in my Green Star and then proceeded to guzzle about 16 ounces as quickly as I could. It was so sweetly hydrating and delicious! I went straight to bed and woke up early with the sun. I feel great! I got up this morning, made more green juice and headed out to a 90 minute Vinyasa Flow yoga class. It was hard but I felt great and still do. I am feeling mentally on fire and motivated to write, get things done on my to do list and will even paint my kitchen today (I wear a painting mask to avoid fumes). My creativity is going through the roof! Finally…I’ve been waiting for my inspiration to return for quite a while now.

I will continue on with the green juice fast until I am ready to stop. Could be 11 days or 30 days, and will do a dry fast once a week. I feel that dry fasting  is a well kept secret in the USA but is now becoming exposed (the Russians have been doing it for years and we just need to translate the information to English).

skin brushI also have been dry skin brushing daily to keep my pores open and my skin clean, taking fulvic minerals, and doing coffee enemas. 

Do your research before embarking on a fast, but honestly it’s the fastest and easiest way to find bliss, serenity and physical health. Here is a great blog to read: http://fastingdry.blogspot.ca/p/what-is-dry-fasting.html

Here is what I have been consuming these past 5 days (except for the day of dry fasting where I consumed only air and sunlight)

  • 12 oz. of warm lemon water upon awakening
  • Between 90 and 100 ounces of Green Juice throughout the day
  • 32 oz. pure water with MSM and Max Stress Living B vitamins sipped throughout the day (fill up a quart-sized glass jar in the morning and mix in the MSM and B)
  • 15 HCG drops to quickly reduce fat and increase weight loss
  • Coffee Enema every morning with 4 cups of luke warm Organic coffee and hold for 12-15 minutes (except for the dry fast day)

This is what I did, but please follow your own guidance and find your own perfect program. If it helps to follow mine then you can adjust as you go! Heres to more bliss, serenity and creativity! woman meditating

4 thoughts on “Dry Fasting and Zero Sugar Green Juice Fast

  1. Papa Hadbhin K

    Bravo! Last year, I did a 6 day soft dry fast. I couldn’t go a week without brushing my teeth or showering. I did it for health reasons. I was really going for 7 days but at the end of day 6, my hands started to shake and I felt like I was having a panic attack. I now think that it was a healing crisis. I was just too afraid to go through one without medical supervision so I stopped and the crisis stopped. I did 4 dry fasts. 1 day, then 3 days, then 5 days, then 6 days. I am now preparing my body for a 10 day dry fast. Some people have gone 14 days.IIt’s wonderful. I felt and looked like a teenager again! Water fasting just isn’t for me. I break out terribly when I water fast so I will try your green juice fast in between my dry fasts. Thanks for sharing. Fasting saved my life. No wonder the Bible recommends it!


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