Is Raw Food Safe?

Is it safe to eat food raw?
by Alberto Romero of The Raw Challenge
When you’re on a raw food diet, you may be concerned about e-coli on spinach, salmonella, and parasites? You may think: “Is it really safe to eat raw food? I’m sure there must have been a reason why people started cooking their food?”
Before people had a fridge, cooking their food was the best way to kill parasites and bacteria. Louis Pasteur “invented” pasteurization to ensure that food was safe to eat for everyone. However, today this method is obsolete. It doesn’t just kill the bad bacteria, it also kills the good ones, as well as the enzymes, makes the food acidic, takes away vitamins and minerals, etc.
Today, we have much better methods for keeping our food safe. Some methods are:

2 thoughts on “Is Raw Food Safe?

  1. The safest produce is what you grow yourself. I went from 5 1/2 acres to a small coastal lot and still grow most of my green leafy produce. I have several small raised wooden boxes filled with spinach, chard, lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, and a pepper plant. I supplement with food from our local farmer’s market and the CSA I’ve been a member of for 15 years. Now more than ever it’s critical to know where your food comes from and how it’s handled.


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