Fasting for Freedom

Summer is the perfect time in Arizona to fast. As the temperatures climbs above the 100s, food sounds less and less appealing. Fasting on juice is awesome for 3 reasons. 1. You can have all the juice you want without feeling heavy or tired. 2. You stay cool as your body does not heat up from the energy required for digestion. 3. The most important for me: A sense of peace, freedom and Pure Joy! Today is day 3 of juices. The longer I fast, the less juice I desire and require. Feeling peace. Moving slower than usual, my mood is great, light depression due to upcoming changes has lifted. If I could give anyone one piece of advice for making big transitions in life and to experience a sense of freedom around moving forward in any way in life, it would be… Fast. When you refrain from food, answers seem to come quicker and feel truer. If that does not sound even remotely true or fun for you, then I have one question for you: Have you ever fasted for more than 3 days? If  your answer is no, then I will wait to hear from you after you have.

Peace and Love,

Elaina Love

“I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency.”Plato

“To refuse food and drink is more than a pleasure; it is the joy of the soul!”Leo Tolstoy

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