not banana juice

Day 67 of Juice Feast and only 25 left to go…

The countdown is on. I’m up at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute where some of the best raw food on the planet gets created daily by some very talented students and professional chef and instructors. I have the honor of coming to Living Light in Fort Bragg, California about 4 times a year as a guest instructor.  It just so happens that this Spring it coincided with my juice feast/fast.  To say it has been difficult is an understatement.  There is so much food here and I am working with the students daily to create their recipe creations ranging from Asian on Tuesday, European on Wednesday, Mexican and Latin today and tomorrow is Mediterranean.  The flavors are full, the food is abundant, and I am really tired of green juice!

Because my biggest motivation at this point is spiritual reasons, I am more inclined not to give in or give up, however, it is taking a huge amount of willpower to be here with all this food and not eat!

I prayed last night and this morning for help and I asked God and Dominic to help keep me strong.  He came in fast and quick and I still feel him here, holding my hand along this journey.  I prayed with all my might using The “I AM” Decrees for the Violet Flame from The ascended master,  Saint Germain.  When I speak the decrees, something happens… I can feel an energy shift all around me and things just seem easier and different.  I have been using the decrees since the very beginning of this fast and I feel that it has really made a profound impact on my experience.  I’ve had a couple occassions involving others where I just didn’t know what to do so I called upon the Violet Flame to annihilate all obstructions and remove anything that is not God.   And poof… things just got better instantly, magically!!!  I prayed this morning to make this fast easy, and today I got up and ran on the beach in the sunshine for 45 minutes, then went to “work” at Living Light, was around food all day, and it was easy.  I feel empowered and motivated to continue this fast for the next 30 days with grace, ease and joy.

Here is something fun I did today: I took my typical green juice that I make a lot and added 3 drops of banana essence and 15 drops of plain liquid stevia to it.  It turned from a bland green juice into what tasted like a banana smoothie!  I am not consuming anything that will spike my blood sugar or feed yeast or mold so I am not drinking fruit juices or sweets of any kind.  So the banana flavor and stevia really do it for me. I feel empowered to keep drinking while enjoying many flavors along the way.  Here are some other flavorings I have available to me: blueberry, peach, strawberry, pineapple, tropical, vanilla and more. If you are curious and want to try them, check out this link.

not banana juice

I used banana essence to make my green juice taste like a banana smoothie

May 25, 2010

A few days have passed since I wrote what I said above.  I am feeling a little more resistant to the fast and to finishing today.  I have a lot of resistance.  Some anger and frustration as well as boredom are arising.  I see how much I use food as entertainment and when I am here in Ft. Bragg and the day ends by 5pm or so, then the evening is before me and I feel a deep urge to eat.  I don’t have Chris here to distract me or any of my other usual habits I would do in the evening, so it’s just me, my computer and my thoughts.  I want to eat beans!!!  I want ketchup and french fries.  I want bread and butter!!!  I guess it’s mostly carbs I’m craving.  And so I wonder…when I eat again, how will I keep from eating everything in sight?  From eating and eating and eating?  I want to feel good.  I want to feel light.  I love the feeling I get when I put my clothes on and I look so fit and fabulous.  I love the way my body is so flexible and athletic and beautiful right now.  I always want to feel this way.  I saw the movie Avatar for a second time the other night and I watched how agile they were in their bodies.  How they just pounced and sprung and ran around.  I thought, “that is how I feel a lot of the time while fasting.  I know that if we ate the ideal diet and were not eating simple carbs and wrong foods that we would all look and feel our absolute best 99% of the time.”  So what keeps us from living that way?  From being our best in every moment?  My answer is one thing: Addiction! We are addicted to food, to comfort, to carbohydrates and all forms of sugar including fruit sugar. What would life be like without these addictions?

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