Day 34 Juice Feasting with Elaina Love

It snowed in Patagonia today! I’m here in my office freezing my little toes off, and am still so happy and blessed to be in this awesome town with amazing people and living my life purpose!  Chris and I have brainstormed about our new school we are desiring to open and all that we will be teaching. It’s so much fun to live life on purpose and to upgrade to my highest potential through thoughts, deeds, and food choices.  I really do believe that eliminating all fruit since day 30 has helped me upgrade even more.  It has not been easy. In fact, I am really desiring sweet food and my energy has not been as high as when I could chug OJ or bee pollen, AND I know this is the right choice for me.

I went to the Tree of Life on Sunday to hear Gabriel Cousens talk called Live with Gabriel.  His talk was extremely informative and right on track with what my intuition has guided me towards.  He said that studies have shown that insulin is the death hormone and the aging hormone.  Every time we spike our blood sugar with high glycemic foods and raise our blood sugar above 100 (85 is ideal) we create an excess of insulin that puts us on a vicious rollercoaster of craving sweets and feeding our sugar addiction. High glycemic is all sweets including white sugar, honey, agave, most fruits (except lemons, limes, grapefruit, and cranberries), and all white foods such as flour, rice, wheat, barley, etc (the only acceptable grains are quinoa, millet and buckwheat).

Here is a chart from Gabriel’s teachings:

Click here to link

Here is my personal update: I have lost all the excess body fat I had accumulated since Dominic got sick and more, and I absolutely love my body now.  It’s fun to be able to fit into my old clothes and feel really good.  I still have energy for running, dancing, yoga and more so the lower body weight is really serving me well. I love making food for Chris and his kids and making my own elixirs and juices as the days fly by.

Here is what I have been consuming lately:

Salsa Juice: tomatoes, onions, garlic, lemon or lime juice, cilantro, salt, cayenne and sometimes red bell pepper.

Cucumber-Celery with grapefruit juice (the only fruit allowed as it’s properties actually help lower insulin levels according to Gabriel Cousens).

Hot teas sweetened with stevia

Morning hot Elixir: Soaked chia seeds, Sun Warrior Protein powder, stevia, Vitamineral Green, Maca, a wee bit of cacao powder and hazelnut extract.  I pour about 4 cups for me and Chris of hot water into my Vitamix and blend on high until it becomes frothy like cappuccino.  I’ve been adding about 4 capsules of Reishi and Chaga too.  I just open them up and pour them in.  This morning though, this drink was just too much for me.  I just wanted something light like water so I had a couple sips of this drink and put the remainder in the ‘fridge.  Chris poured his over my instant Chia Breakfast Recipe that will be for sale on the website soon.

My body is getting very good at communicating with me.  If I do something off or wrong, I emit foul body odors from my skin.  I’m also craving much lighter drinks and not even drinking the full gallon a day.  I intend to do a gallon but sometimes the day is over and I just haven’t been thirsty (hungry).

As long as I’m feeling good.  I’m okay with that.  I’m paying attention to be sure to get enough calories.  But I’m still dropping about 1/2 pound a day (15 pounds total since I started).

Here is a video I made about 5 days ago:

7 thoughts on “Day 34 Juice Feasting with Elaina Love

  1. Elaina..I have been following your progress with this fast and you have become an inspiration for me to also do some fasting. I do cleanses but not much for the fasting but I do believe it is time! Thanks!

    I also wanted to introduce myself and tell you about somethings that might interest you. My hubby and I are Hallelujah Aces Health Minister, Raw Chefs, authors and previous owner of a raw cafe in Florida called The Almond Blossom Cafe. I closed it last year cuz it was burning me out!…Guess you know that feeling. Please check out our website (not complete yet…will soon have our video recipes up).

    My hubby and I have a heart like you to reach out to those who are suffering unnecessarily with health issues.

    Here’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I notice you are a fan of MSM (so are we!) and a big chia fan. I am curious if you are familiar with a product called MILA from LIFEMAX? We recently started using the product and selling it because it is so much more than your basic chia seed, which I discovered.

    The raw food community is starting to come on board with this just to name a few: Brian Clements, Katherine Clark, Brenda Cobb, Cheri Soria (i think you know, Jackie and Gideon Graff…to name a few. I’m attaching our weblink for you to take a look and get back with me if you have questions.

    I think with the program that you are on now, especially with the fast…incorporating this in with (and replacing the lower grade chia) your regime is going to benefit you greatly!!

    I also want to tell you about a friend of ours that is on a big champagne to bring this awareness to a new level and is hosting a 3 day event at HHI in July. His name is John Eagle Freedom and I want to put him in contact with you to speak with you about the July event and more about his vision and passion. He also has a radio show in Kansas…here’s his link.

    Could you please email me personally and give me a contact number (is it the same as the one on your website for ordering product?) so John can speak with you personally?

    God Bless you and keep on truckin’ girlfriend!!

    ~Kim Hostetter


    • Hi Kim,
      It’s so great to hear about you and all you are involved in. Yes I have been introduced to MIla through Cherie. And I am going to pass on promoting it at this time until I use it more. I still love whole chia seeds and love the way they feel in my mouth and when I drink them in drinks. I wish you great luck with them. I’ve heard all about Mila so I do know the benefits people are claiming. I wish to be spared any more sales talk on these. Thanks so much for your interest and for your post 🙂


  2. gina

    i’m gina from Romania.

    you are the first raw person I totally agree!
    every person is unique. one diet does not apply to all.
    can you indicate an article where you talk about eating some dairy products and why.
    what should kids eat?

    off topic question

    here in Romania ,on our raw forum some people ask why V.boutenko is getting on weight if she only eats raw food.
    Sorry, if I crossed the don’t have to ask the question 🙂


    • Hi Gina,
      I don’t have a specific article for eating dairy products that I can think of but I will tell you that a lot and I do mean a lot of raw foodies that I know who eat 80% or more raw foods are eating eggs, raw dairy (goat especially), butter, ghee and more and are feeling better for it. I know that intuition plays a big part of it.
      Basically getting enough protein to sustain your body without going to sweets. People who crave sweets are oftentimes low in protein according to an amazing Live Blood Cell analyst names Cody Dahl in Calgary, Canada. here is his website:
      Sweets are one of the most deadly foods we can consume. And that includes all dried fruits, most fruits (except berries, lemons, limes and grapefruits and some other very low glycemic fruits), and all those agaves, maple syrup, honey, etc. Sweets increase our insulin levels creating death and aging as well as feeding yeast, mold and fungus in the body.
      As for Victoria, I don’t have an answer. We are all on our journey and I’m sure she is in a process of trying out what works for her. She is such a wonderful and brilliant author and teacher and I vote her Victory!


  3. Andrea

    Hi Elaina, are amazing! I was so sad to hear about Dominic and inspired by your strength and courage.
    You helped my family with raw food….you are the best. Still loving raw.



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