Day 23 Juice Feast

I’m in Calgary, Canada and just finished a marathon weekend of teaching and catering a dinner for 100 people.  Wow!  I can’t believe how much I just crammed into the last 4 days! Saturday I catered a Raw, Asian-Fusion dinner for 100 people, Sunday I taught a 4 hour Indian Foods class to 16 people and today I did a 6 hour hands on intensive with 6 students.  These hours do not include clean up and socializing so it was pretty much 4 12 hour days back to back.  I was around so much amazing food but did not feel tempted to eat it.  Except there was this moment at the dehydrator tonight when I was loading it up with raw, spinach-mushroom quiches and I really wanted to eat some, I thought about breaking a piece off and popping it in my mouth and then thought….nah!  So I’m feeling so pleased and happy with myself for a successful weekend of teaching and catering and am so glad to be finished.  It was a whirlwind and my energy stayed quite high, but enough is enough.  Time to go back home to my new home in Patagonia and be with my love.

New and interesting cleansing symptoms:
I got a live blood cell analysis at Journey of Health by Cody Dahl here in Calgary.  He is the most thorough man I’ve met when it comes to live blood cell.  He showed me all kinds of scary and crazy stuff.  Turns out I have an abundance of yeast (as I expected) but what I didn’t expect was mold in droves (big black ugly demonic looking things) and cholestorol!  The bad kind!!!!  It was prolific too.  I got a little depressed, and also motivated to keep going.  It really explains a lot of things to see that kind of stuff in my blood.  He also told me there are lots of undigested proteins and I have very weak digestion in my stomach which explains why when I ate, everything seemed to bloat me!  He gave me some great and useful tips for when I begin to eat again that I know will make a huge difference and things I already knew like I need to cut out all carbs including most fruits for…get this…3 years!!!!!  Gulp!  Well I want vibrant health, so I’ll do it.  I’ve come this far right?
I’ll share more about my food choices when I begin eating again.
I have never had a bladder infection in my life, but about 3 hours ago it started aching when I went pee.  My friend Tonya said that happened to her when she was juice feasting and it lasted about a day and 1/2.
My tounge has finally lost most of it’s white coat.  It’s now pretty pink and my mouth feels fresh most of the time except after drinking orange juice or eating bee pollen.  Speaking of which…the best bee pollen on the planet is Jarrah Bee Pollen from  I’ve had tons of bee pollens, but none as good as this one. I eat about 2-3 handfuls a day!
My eyes are brighter, my skin is clearer and my clothes are way looser.  My teeth are whiter, my energy is lighter and my mood more even keel.
I’m drinking on average about 3 quarts of green juice a day and 1 quart of orange-grapefruit or Salsa juice.
I’ve been finding all kinds of new juices to love and admire. Here are a couple faves:
Salsa Juice
Mmmmmmm! Tastes like salsa.
6 cups of tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic
1/2 chopped red onion
1/2 bunch cilantro
juice of 1 lemon
salt to taste
cayenne to taste
1/2 tsp. smoked chipotle pepper powder
Blend in Vitamix then strain through The Amazing Nut Milk, Juice and sprout bag.
This one tastes smooth and easy.
1 bunch cilantro
1 bunch parsley
2 large heads of celery
4 cucumbers
Put all veggies through the Green Star juicer beginning with the parsley and cilantro and ending with cucumbers for best ease.
This is the end of day 23. In the past that would seem like such a long time to go without eating, and now I’m thinking it’s just a drop in the bucket to get all the way to day 100. Well, Just one day at a time. On day 30 I’ll be almost 1/3 of the way. I heard from a French Canadian here that the third month is where it got really good. She felt so spiritual, light and free. That is something worth working towards!

10 thoughts on “Day 23 Juice Feast

  1. Between the beautifully warm weather and post like these, I’m really tempted to lean into a juice feast! For now, I’ll just up the juices in my diet. Glad to see the light and joy here!


  2. What an amazing way to prove to your self that you can decide what is good for you and say no to the temptations Elaina! I admire you!
    Regarding the Jarrah Bee Polen i agree with you 1000% – it is the best ever!
    But just today i went to order more, my one is finishing… and surprise: they dont have both sizes bags!

    i will try to contact them tomorrow to know when are they gonna be available again!
    it is really good!

    love your recipes, i will do lake this soon! i am now on my 11th day green juice feasting and 4th day of preparation for the liver, gallbladder flush following your book !

    Wow i got surprise with you blood test! Wish i can do one….
    Love you and welcome home!


      • Thanks Elaina, we finished the liver gallbladder flush yesterday!
        Was amazing! Lots of stones came out! today i was curious and cut some of the big one and they were so green like a esmerald color!
        I follow you with details!
        Love your book and everyone that ask me about the flush i give your book to buy!
        I am also following you on the juice feasting! I am on day 15 and wish in a month to be able to do the flush again!!!
        Lots of love and blessings – full of gratitude from me that love you!


      • Dear Marcia,
        According to the Expert Andreas Moritz: Gallstones are in 2 basic categories- pigment stones and cholesterol stones. Some cholesterol stones are composted of at least 60% cholesterol and have a yellowish or tan color. Others have a pea-green color and are generally soft, like putty (these can consist of up to 95% cholesterol). Some stones may contain other organic, fatty material. Pigment stones are brown or black, owing to their high content of colored pigment (bilirubin). They may be calcified, and they are harder and more solid than cholesterol stones. However, cholesterol-based stones can also become hard and calcified. Calcified stones grow only in the gallbladder.
        To get The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush book, click here.


      • Hello dear friend! i admire you so much! Thanks for your replays!
        I bought now the Andreas Moritz book!
        Thanks for the advise!
        We(my husband and me)are going great with the juice feasting today day 19! With a big temptation today as we are gonna have an event tonight with Gabriel Cousens in a Mystical Shabbat where we are having beside all, a special celebration dinner!!! i will try to follow you on your journey!!!!
        How is life back to Arizona?
        Wish you the best with happiness and much much love!
        Any plan to come to Florida? If so, let us know! We are at Miami area, anything here you need, let us know!
        With love and gratitude!


  3. Diana

    No fruit for 3 years. Yes, I’ve certainly had that told to me, too. I’ve slid a bit lately, but would love to chat about your plans for this with you, my friend. It would help immensely to go through it with someone else!


    • Dear Diana,
      On this planet in this life I am choosing to live my absolute highest potential. That other than includes addictions such as sugar in any form. According to Gabriel Cousens all sugars including most fruits spike our insulin. Insulin is the death hormone. It ages us faster than anything else. Protein acts the same as sugar to spike the blood sugar (such as flesh foods. He said in studies done on long lived people (100 or older) they all had one thing in common…LOW BLOOD SUGAR. All sugar is aging no matter what form it comes in.
      Let’s rise above mediocrity and become the human evolution potential through our food, thought and deed choices.
      I love you Diana!!!!


  4. Rachael

    Dear Elaina,
    You seem to be on the raw circuit in the States and I am thinking of doing the Hippocrates Health Educator Programme or something similar. I live in Ireland, so can’t really get on the ground information about the different centres offering these courses. I teach Yoga and am vegetarian with a big leaning toward the raw lifestyle (grow our own wheatgrass to juice every day), so I am relatively familiar with the subject. I am looking for a course that really concentrates on living food preparation rather than lifecoaching. Would you be able to comment on the various places like Optimum Health Institute, The Anne Wigmore Foundation in Puerto Rico or The Gerson Institute in Mexico?

    Thank you for the information on your blog and the beautiful way you speak about your lovely son, Dominic. I lost a dear friend recently and oh, isn’t grief a strange thing indeed….
    Kind regards,
    Rachael in Ireland


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