Juice Feasting Day 18

Well I’ve arrived in Patagonia on Angel wings.

What a trip!  Fun Yung Moon drove the big 24 foot truck packed with my entire life and Pure Joy Planet products.  He was such a trooper driving long hours with me urging him along with all my juice feasting energy.

Juice feasting on the road is so much better than eating.  I didn’t have to think about snacking which I have overdone on previous road trips which left me feeling less than energized.  It was so easy to drive and focus and the hours seemed to fly by.  On Friday we finally arrived and unloaded the thousands of pounds of belongings.  Now the fun begins and I get to unpack and organize my life.

I’m living with my amazing and wonderfully kind and generous love Chris.  He has 3 beautiful children and they are so lovely.  Unpacking all of Dominic’s belongings was really fun for them and they said it felt like Chrismas as they found collections of toy monkeys, books, puzzles, games, bedding and so much more. It gives me such great joy to see them enjoying and using Dominic’s things.  Giving his belongings new life and love.  I know my life here is going to be grounded, joyful and rich in love and healing.

How is it that I haven’t eaten for 18 days?  Who would think there was so much to detoxify and let go of?  To think that the human body can go for months without solid food while burning away excess, toxic fat, puss, mucus, and God knows what else.  And with all of this I am feeling fantastic!  I’ve made all kinds of drink combinations that I never thought I would drink.

Here is my drink today:

  • Burdock root
  • Bok Choy
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Plum

I’m feeling very energized and even though cooked foods around me still smell good, I am not at all tempted and in fact could not imagine enjoying them at this time. I’m making food for Chris and his children and guests who have been popping by, all with grace and ease.

I’ve lost 9 pounds so far and my body is feeling and looking great.  I wake up every morning around 5:30 or 6 and even though I’m a bit tired still, I am ready to get up and do some yoga and make some juice.  I am detoxing out my pours in the form of breakouts on my face, white film on my tounge and my colon flushing mucus and sticky gunk out.  I don’t know how I could still be eliminating after 18 days of not eating but I’m telling you there is some old, old nasty stuff leaving my body and I say good, good riddance! I’m emotionally detoxing as well.  I love to get in the bathtub and have a good long cry, then I feel much better.  I also feel more joy than ever.  My life keeps getting better.

I make most of my juice for the day in the morning, then supplement with a little orange-grapefruit juice in the late afternoon.  The OJ seems to give me the energy to get through the evening without crashing till about 10pm.  I am loving the routine of making juice and nourishing myself this way.  Sometimes I make all my juice the night before so I can just get up and go.

I’m am working at the VivaPura warehouse where my new office is so I need to have all my juice ready to go when I leave in the morning.  My new assistant Jen is staying with me while she finds a place and she is juice feasting too so the kitchen is quite busy with juicing, juicing, juicing!  Go little Green Star Juicer 🙂

Here is a typical day of what I have been consuming:

  • 1 quart of water with 5 tsp. MSM, liquid B vitamins, coQinol and DHLA (all liquids from Premier Research labs)
  • 3 quarts of green juice (lots of celery, cucumber, a leafy green and maybe a root like carrot, beet or burdock)
  • 1-2 quarts of orange-grapefruit juice with hemp seed oil and bee pollen, maybe some spirulina blended in.
  • Mushroom Cappuccino: reishi mushroom, pearl powder, chaga mushroom powder, carob powder, cacao powder, Sun Warrior Protein and stevia all blended together with a big scoop of coconut oil and hot water. It foams up just like a cappuccino and tastes fantastic. This is my morning beverage.

So as you can see I am getting plenty of calories.  I have tons of energy and feel very grounded.

I leave for Canada tomorrow to teach and chef for a week.  I’m going to make a big Asian Dinner for 100 people on Saturday, then teaching Indian Food class to about 20 people on Sunday and then doing a private high-end Italian dinner for a select few on Monday so my days will be filled with food!  I am confident about my recipes so I won’t need to taste the food and I know that it will all turn out great.  I do still enjoy making food for other people.

Tonya who is my host in Calgary has a pro lined up to make juices for me which I am extremely grateful for.

I plan to go the full 92 days so this is just the beginning, and the most important part as it is where the foundation and the routine is layed.

3 thoughts on “Juice Feasting Day 18

  1. Melissa mango

    sweet elaina! Thanks for all that you share! Between cat turds and mushroom cappachinos…it’s all so inspirational.
    We love you! \m/ \m/


  2. Myra

    Elaine, why would you eat mushrooms if they are a fungus? I look at live blood too as taught by Dr Robert O. Young and one of the most important things you can do is drink High PH water with sodium Bicarbonate and good Celtic ( or other good one) salt; one liter of high ph water with either the SB or greens that don’t have ingrediants like MR and Algaes. You can see the difference under the microscope in days. He also teaches about fixing the root system in the body which is found in the villi in the crypts of the small intestine. You are an inspiration to me and many others xoxo <{{{{{{<


    • Dear Myra,
      Thanks for that feedback about what you have found with the mushrooms. There is so much info out there about them and some seem to heal candida and yeast such as Reishi, And…I’ve yet to look at my blood after taking them so that is something I will surely consider.
      What is SB and MR that you are referring to?


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