Day 13 Juice Feasting and on the road

I’ve just packed everything I own, including my business and my cat into a 16 ft truck and my Honda Element.  We got on the road and the truck began breaking down about 20 miles out with such crazy swaying that my friend Moon, who is driving the truck was in fear of his life.  Sooo now the heros journey begins. We are stuck here in Oakland for the night, only miles from my house but with no bed or key so we will get a hotel for the night.  We are laughing and making the best of it and acknowleding that we are on our path, this is our journey and we are keeping smiles on our faces.

I will be out of juice before reaching my destination which is Patagonia Arizona, so I’m going to have to get creative with juices.  I think I shall find a place that has OJ and add some VMG or Barley Max which should hold me over.  I’m looking forward to getting on the road tomorrow morning after we reload into a new truck.  Let the adventure continue.
So after 13 days and daily enemas, including coffee enemas I was thinking that there was really not much left in my colon.  But lo and behold, at a road side pit stop I expelled something old, mucusy and very, very stinky.  It reminded me of an old dried up cat turd.  Wow!  I love seeing that old stuff leave.
I’ve got some herbal tea I’m sipping while here at Pete’s Coffee, and am enjoying the moment 🙂
Love, peace and Blissings!
Elaina Love

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