Spring Cleaning and 92 Day Juice Feast

On March 19th after traveling for 3 weeks straight, I lay in my bed and got a clear message from the angels…”It’s time for you to embark upon a 92 day juice feast. You will feel happy, clear and grounded in your connection to the Holy Spirit.”  I knew immediately this was guidance and truth, so I embarked upon it the very next morning, which I didn’t realize until later that morning was the first day of spring! Perfect timing.

celery-kale-cucumber-apple juice

I went to http://www.JuiceFeasting.com, a site created by David and Katrina Rainoshek to support anyone choosing to embark upon any length of juice feasting, be it 3 days or 3 months.  David and I have become friends during our last 4 facilitations of 6 day liver flushes which we do over the phone with groups of people who are choosing to be supported by our expertise while flushing their livers.  We co-facilitate this tele-cleanse monthly along with Chris Whitcoe.  Since I know so much more now about David and his knowledge of juicing and cleansing I chose to go to his site and sign up for a 1 year membership.  I have since been reading and educating myself in what is involved in a juice feast of this magnitude, and am very excited about the journey ahead.  On his site and in our conversations with our liver flushers, David talks about the heros (or heroines) journey.  When we make a clear decision to do something, sometime obstacles will appear to try and knock us off our path.  A test of sorts to see how serious we really are. So far I am breezing through my first 2 days with no hunger whatsoever.  I will be traveling to Washington State at the end of the week to teach a class on Asian Fusion Raw Cuisine, so this may be my first test.  Wish me grace and ease!

The difference between a fast and a juice feast is that on the feast, I will be drinking between 1 and 1/2 gallons of juice a day which can include things like green juice, coconut water, lemon-citrus juice and fruit juice, lots of teas and purified water.

As I write this I am completing my second day.  I have felt tired this weekend as my body adjusts to liquids only, and I felt free to take naps and baths as needed.  Today I enjoyed an epsom salt and lavender oil bath with is very healing and cleansing.  I am feeling more serene already and a deep sense of joy and comfort knowing that I am going on a deeply healing and spiritual journey through the next 90 days and beyond.  Already I feel grounded in my heart and have no desire to eat solid food.  The juices and liquids feel very nourishing.

Here is a video I made today about a special drink I made:

I’ll be blogging about my juice feast over the next 3 months as much as I can.  See you soon!

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