This post is all about surrender.

Today is December 13, 2009. We are on our 15th day at Hippocrates Health Institute.

Today I am realizing that everything needs to happen in its own time.  A body cannot be forced to do something it’s not ready to do, even deep cleansing.  It has it’s own intelligence which must be honored.  I also realize that my body responds differently than Dominic’s body to everything!  I will now apply that bit of wisdom to my future encounters.  We are all so unique and different and what works for one may not work for all.

I had way too much ego when I came here.  I see that now.  I came here thinking I was going to save the day (along with Brian Clement).  I have been so humbled by this experience.  As the 2 weeks have progressed, I’ve seen Dominic get weaker and sicker.  He can’t keep the green juice down, nor really anything for that matter except for his morning and evening wheatgrass shots.  Last night and this morning though, not even those are passing his pale little lips.  He sleeps most of the day.  He takes morphine, sometimes 2 times a day for the pain in his leg and hip where the leukemia seems to be growing.  I’ve talked to so many wise and loving people like Brian and Anna Marie Clement, Viktorus Kulvinskas, Dr. Thomas Lodi, and the list goes on and on.  There are many things we can try, and many things we are actually doing at the moment.  And there are more things we will surely do.

There have been so many beautiful people who have sent me gifts of superfoods such as Barley Max (thank you Raw Truck Driver Dave and friends), and Blue green algae, a BEMER, and more, more, more!  Thank you everyone.  It is the love, compassion and thoughtfulness which is doing the most healing of all.  The financial donations have continued to pour in, and I am so very grateful to all of you who have rushed to our aid to help in Dominic’s healing.  A BEMER was overnight FED EX’d to us on Saturday which is a bio-energetic mat that will help boost Dominc’s immune system and balance his energy, and, according to the literature, a lot more. All the love, prayers and well wishes are uplifting my spirits on a daily basis.  For this energy healing I am eternally grateful!!!

Dominic’s Dad and Step Mom are here visiting this weekend for the second time since our stay here.  It is wonderful to have them here.  Without their physical and emotional support I don’t know how I would be getting through all of this.  Dominic loves his dad so much and always perks up when he is around so it is a healing just to have him here.

Tuesday December 15th

So here we are 17 days after arriving, when I thought Dominic would be getting  a lot better.  I had this idea that he would come here and start eating all the food, drinking the juices, doing the therapies, and poof!, transform into his old, healthy self.  This has not happened yet.  In fact, because he is still so weak, we feel it is best to come back home now so he can be closer to friends and loved ones in his own surroundings.  So, today we are flying home.

I choose to surrender with my entire being.  Surrender to the fact that I don’t know the grand design.  Surrender to the best possible outcome for all involved.   Surrender to Dominic’s internal intelligence and his soul’s knowing.  Surrender to letting go of thinking I know how things should go.  In essence, I surrender to the Highest Power.

We have been up, we have been down, we feel wrung out like wet dish towels and hung to dry.  But our spirits are still high and we are still hopeful that a miracle could happen at any moment.   Dominic is in good spirits today and told me this morning that he knows he’s going to get better.  As always, we are hopeful.  The trip home is tonight at 7:30.  His step mom booked us the first row on Jet Blue, and I pray that we can get home with Dominic being as comfortable as possible and that it is an effortless and easy flight.  We need to use a wheelchair as Dominic is too weak to walk anywhere or even stand for that matter.

Again, thank you all so much for your love and prayers.  I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life!  There has been a worldwide circulation of Dominic’s story, and I’ve been contacted by people in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica and the world over.  The love is circling the globe.  Cherie Soria and Dan Ladderman of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute have been instrumental in raising funds for us.  I am exceptionally grateful for their help and continued support. This is a true story of love, hope and compassion in the highest form.

I love you all!!!!!

23 thoughts on “Surrender!

  1. Susan Prokop

    Dear Elaina:

    I’ve been saying prayers for your family, since hearing of your son’s treatment, on Rawkin Radio interview.

    As you know, and feel in your heart– deepest prayers of peace, healing, and love are being said around the world…as surrender to the Higher Power is offered.

    Elaina, you are right… This is a True story in it’s highest form.

    Susan Prokop,
    Bellevue, WA


  2. Kelly Jamesson

    Ooohhh honey, my heart just aches for you!! Steve, too. We love the three of you so much! Tell Dom that his uncle and aunt love him very much.



  3. Kelli

    Keep up the fight! We’re with you! I am certain it will be easier for you all to continue with Dominic’s RECOVERY in your own cozy surroundings. Please keep us all posted and especially the ways we can help!
    Love and prayers


  4. Have you tried a Vitamin C IV drip? This can be done in place of chemotherapy. A person can take up to a quarter of a KILO of Vitamin C per day and it kills cancer cells while leaving regular cells alone. See the video “Food Matters” or contact Andrew Saul (who mentions this in the movie). I hope this may be of some help. BEST of luck to you and your lovely boy!!!!!!!!!! :oD


    • Hi Lori,
      Brian doesn’t think that’s a good idea right now.I am thinking of it though. I’m also considering very strongly to put wheatgrass in his veins via his chest tubes. Gotta get him out of this Hospital first though. UGH!


  5. Michalene

    Sending LOADS of Healing MOJO, love, and prayers for a smooth landing & healing. Also sending strength & courage to hang in there. May Dom feel incredibly loved & stronger by the day as moves ahead. Tons of Love & Hugs!
    xoxo Michalene


  6. Shauna Meryn Wickham

    Sending much Love and Light your way! Your story is a beautiful reminder of the preciousness of life and each soul. May Spirit continue to guide you.


  7. Dennis A.

    Our prayers are with Dom and you and your family. We have been praying for him all along since his diagnosis. Dom is one of my personal Honorees. My daughter, Madeleine, 7th grade @ NDV, and I ran the San Diego Rock and Roll and the Nike 1/2 marathons this year with him as an Honoree on my fundraising page. We will keep running for Dom and others with Leukemia..


    • Thank you so much Dennis. Every prayer is a gift and I know that all good energy sent his way is working!!!! You are blessed to have good health to be able to run and it is so wonderful that you have a healthy daughter 🙂
      With love,
      Elaina Love


  8. Susan

    Hi Elaina,
    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Just wanted to pass on some ideas.

    Pain drug morphine accelerates cancer growth

    Mon, Nov 16 2009CHICAGO (Reuters) – Evidence is mounting that morphine, commonly used to manage pain, may accelerate cancer growth, but a newly-approved drug that blocks its side effects could also keep tumors from spreading, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

    (Maybe changing pain meds might be helpful)

    Have you thought of getting him a feeding tube and putting the juice and the herbs through the tube. My ND reccommends doing this as it does not cause nausea.

    Sending you lots of love.


    • Dear Susan,
      Thank you for your caring so much to send this to me. I was wondering about the morphine but was scared to know. I wonder what kind of pain killers could work that don’t feed cancer?
      I like the feeding tube idea. I will ask about it.
      Thank you for your love!


      • Susan

        Hi Elaina,
        You coula ask about the
        Fentanyl Patch. It comes in different dosages and one patch blocks cancer pain for 24 – 48+ hours. This way you can avoid the morphine which has been proven to
        accelerate cancer growth. Also, this might help him to be more like his old self.

        Sending you lots of love. It is always darkest before the dawn.


  9. Elaine-
    i so hoped the news would be different, but –
    I remember when reading Ann Wigmore’s little book years ago, where she described healed herself sitting in the backyard in the sun, comparing herself to the wisdom of animals who when sick retreat and give it time to heal…
    that was a very powerful story.
    and now i am reading Wanda Burch’s book “She Who Dreams” in which she details her path with healing her breast cancer. she went the traditional way (surgery, chemo) but combined it with powerful imagery which she learned from her dreams…
    you might enjoy reading her book…
    listen to your inner guidance, it will tell you what to do. And you are surrounded by lots of loving people.
    best wishes.


  10. Suzi

    Hi Elaina,
    Your son is in my prayers! My son is a cancer survivor who did traditional treatment along with raw foods and supplements. He was only 2-3 yrs old at the time though so I had a lot more control than you do. I am just praying that things will turn around.


  11. Elaina,
    Know that you are doing your best, I cannot imagine how very difficult this must be.. I will keep posting on my blog as updates come to let everyone I can know about Dom and send healing to him.
    love deb


    • Dear Danaan,
      Thank you for thinking of us! We arrive home tomorrow via a private medical transport plane from Florida. Dom goes directly to UCSF, and I’ll be back home sometime on Saturday.Looking forward to seeing you all again, and Oscar too:)


  12. Joan Salvatore

    Elaina, my sister Leslie and I are praying for Dominic and for you. He is blessed beyond measure to have you as his mother. You are the most inspiring person i have ever met. Thank you for sharing your personal journey. Our prayers will not cease.

    With love, hope and warm hugs, Joan Salvatore


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