Day 7 at Hippocrates Health Institute

Dear Friends,

The love and support we have been getting from all of you is overwhelming (in an excellent way)!!!!

All of your contributions of love, prayers, and financial support are so touching I have cried more than once.  I want all of you to know how beautiful you are and how much your love and generosity have touched my heart forever.  I will always remember this time as a time that my community rose up in love. I feel so moved by the abounding positive energy coming my way and feel that everything is going exactly as it should have.  No regret, no blame, no looking back.

As for Dominic, it is day 7 here at Hippocrates.  He has been through his ups and downs and some days feels good and others awful.  Today is one of the awful days as he can’t eat for fear of vomiting and his energy is very low.  He was able to eat yesterday though and I was thrilled.

The Hippocrates staff has been so amazing and supportive.  We met with both Brian and AnnaMarie Clement, and they are giving us so much love, guidance, and support.  They feel he needs to do a lot of work by drinking the green juice and wheatgrass, doing the wheatgrass implants 2x a day and taking other therapies such as oxygen and deep infrared sauna as well as vitamin/mineral injections, chelation and something called Carnivora which eats the proteins around the cancer cells opening them up to be destroyed by the oxygen.  I’m not giving this technical justice, but it all sounds really powerful to me.  Dominic is doing all of it and drinking as much as he can although it is hard to keep it down most days.

We are on a diet of green sprouts, greens, sprouted beans and some extras like nuts and avocados in low amounts.  No salt or sugar whatsoever or fruit or anything with a glycemic index that would anyway feed leukemia. I am eating the same diet as him.  Today we were both craving sweets and carbs. That’s what happens after a week with nothing sweet.

The second week promises to be easier.  Dom has now adapted to the food somewhat and is getting braver about asking the chef for special things like spring rolls. We have juice 3 times a day, wheatgrass 2 times a day and do wheatgrass implants (rectal) 2 times per day.  There are 2 meals a day, lunch and dinner and breakfast is juice. Dom is getting some cooked millet in the morning right now just to keep his strength up and to ease him into the program.  The folks here gave him his own little cart to wheel around in since he gets tired so easily and it’s really cute.  It’s red, and he thinks it makes him look silly but I’m so grateful he has it.

Dominic’s dad and stepmom are here visiting this weekend and Dom is very happy about that.  They went to a movie yesterday and played miniature golf today. Just things to keep him occupied and his mind off of everything else.

Mealtimes are a big deal around here as it seems we are always hungry and excited about the next one.  Can’t wait to see what they are serving tonight.

19 thoughts on “Day 7 at Hippocrates Health Institute

  1. Ann Elizabeth Knutton

    Hi Elaina,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know how everything is going when you are so occupied helping Dominic to heal. It sounds as though things are moving along very nicely and I send you both all my love and best wishes for Dominic’s complete healing. As I was at Hippocrates for 9 weeks, taking the Health Educator course, I can picture everything you are sharing with us and almost feel I am there with you. I am definitely with you in Spirit and know you are in the very best hands. You are sooo courageous having gone thru such a stressful year and I am so glad that everything is now working out the way you would have originally wanted it to.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Take care,
    With love and light, Ann


  2. Elaina, the raw community is rallying for you and Dom BIG TIME! I have asked all my friends to post about this situation and everyone to donate, if even good wishes and healing vibes.
    Know that you are in so many many thoughts and prayers. Dom, you can do this, you are already through the hardest part, the first week!!!
    much love and joy,


  3. Hey Eliana, I don’t think we’ve “met” but I heard your story through the raw community and I just wanted to let you know you and Dom are in my thoughts and prayers! I am praying so hard!!! God bless Dom and you! XOXO!


  4. Mary Ferazza

    Dearest Elaina,
    I want to let you know that my whole Reiki community is sending healing energy to Dominic. You’re an awesome Mom, and always do your best for Dom. Many Reiki Blessings. Love All Ways, Mary Mary


  5. Keep drinking the green juice,after chemo and radio, the immune system is weakened and it will probably take more time for the immune system to recover. Clement and Anne Maria are very knowledgeable than most. Wheatgrass and blue green algae. It is horrible but your son will get use to it. The sugar is cancer feeding. Tell him the King Arthur from Liverpool is pulling for him. The power of positive environment will help.


  6. Michalene

    Keep up the great work & hang in there….healing is happening! Thanks for the update. Thinking of you both & sending regular healing MOJO! Hugs!
    xoxo Michalene


    • You are in a healing place with positive energy. The green juice will take sweet and heal the body.
      Surrounding yourself with positive people and a good Mum. There will times when the negative thoughts come, but that will pass because the environment will destroy this and new healing cells will be created inside you and the healing has already started.


  7. Darris

    Your post really hit home with me. I divorced my ex-husband 7 years ago. That was when he began feeding our son (then 6 1/2) meat. As a vegan mom it was torturous for me to hear my son say, “meat tastes good mama”. Now at 13 1/2 my son eats a SAD diet. I have had to let go and allow him to make his choices. When he’s with me (70% of the time) he eats vegan and LOVES it.

    I applaud you for letting go of the blame and supporting your son with his choice. It’s the most loving thing you could do for him.

    Thank you for sharing your story and for your honesty and strength.My prayers and love go out to you and to Dominic.

    xxoo darris


  8. Elaina and Dom
    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you heal at that beautiful place. I used to love walking the paths there late at night after almost everyone was in bed, and swimming in the salt pool.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you too as Dom’s body begins to heal by taking in the nourishment offered at Hippocrates. Much love to you both I am here for you in every way I can be right now.
    You are being taken care of, stay there as long as you need to. Much love, Nomi


  9. Hi Elaina. Thanks for the update and the insight on what goes on at The Institute. I am really happy yall are there and know that the healing is happening. I have a very dear 15 year old cousin hanging on by the love of his family and allopathic TX with a rare form of cancer after a brief round of holistic TX first. I wish he could be there with yall and the treatment Dom is recieving. I wish Dom a speedy recovery and know your prayer will be answered and Dominic will become a believer in what you are doing for the planet and helping so many! I’m blown away that you were so present with us for the Autum Liver Live. You eminate a pure joy planet and your testimony is big! Best wishes! Brenda LaMont


  10. Jane

    One other thing you might want to add to his daily regimen is to play crystal singing bowls in his room a lot. Adding sound healing to the food regimen can only help. I will pray that Dominic lives the miracle that spirit told you would happen! My contribution has been sent. Many blessings to you, to Dominic and to all who are an instrument in his healing! Peace and love to all.


  11. Marisa

    Dear Elaina,
    You and Dom are in my thoughts and prayers. Your story of love and determination is so touching. Know that he is in excellent hands at Hippocrates. My mother went there 4 yeas ago to heal from breast cancer and it has changed all of our lives for the better. Sending lots of love and healing energy your way!


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  13. Daphne Medina

    “Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

    Your tenacity in the face of such adversity is an inspiration to the rest of us who can get lost in the little things that we think are going to “ruin” our day. It makes us realize that those little things are really not that big of a deal.

    My prayers are with you and your family. All the best ,

    Daphne Medina


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