We are going to Hippocrates Health Institue in Florida

On Monday November 23rd, Dominic was admitted to the hospital again for a fever.  He had been experiencing excruciating back pain since Friday and it built up over the weekend.

As I write this it is Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and I am here in the hospital with Dominic at his bedside while he sleeps, then wakes up feeling sick, gets drugged then goes back to sleep.  This past week has been brutal beyond belief.  The Drs were all very solemn when the brought his father and me into a room earlier this week to talk to us about Dominic and what they believe his future to be.  The kind Dr. who was telling us that the leukemia has spread and there is nothing that they can do was crying as she told us.  They have fought the good fight with chemo, radiation and bone marrow transplant, everything they believe to be good and right,  and in the end, none of it worked.  In fact, now, the leukemia is more aggressive than ever.  The Dr. gave us each a DNR to carry with us which means that if he were to stop breathing, to just let him go.  We were also told he could start getting heavy nose bleeds and there is a possibility he will be in agony as the leukemia grows in his inflexible bone marrow.  His dad and I were in total shock and horror as she told us this.  They told us they give him a week to a month to live at the rate the cancer is progressing.

This is where the story gets good and the hope shines through.  After a year of crying and pleading for him to go to Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida where they are famous for helping people to heal from cancer and where people go when they have no other choice, my dream is finally coming true.  Dominic and his dad have agreed that it is the best choice and the best option at this point and they have put their faith and trust in this process (what else can they do at this point?).  The Drs. are even happy to see us try this (now that they have no choice) and are supporting me fully in taking him on an airplane on Saturday night, pain killers, DNR sheet and antibiotics in hand.

I have been told by higher power that it’s going to be one of those miracle stories, where instead of the boy getting the girl, he gets the rest of his life…healthy, happy, cancer free and no drugs (the girl comes later)!  It is my life purpose to help people be as healthy, feel full of life force and joy that they can be, and I have helped soooo many people through my teachings, recipes, personal example and website.  My family, however, from my son, to my ex to my parents, have never wanted to embrace raw foods, and in fact shun it at all costs.  I got over it a long time ago and didn’t give it much thought anymore.  But when Dom got cancer in Jan of 2009, my world turned upside down.  I wanted so badly to help him with raw foods, but he and his dad just wouldn’t bite (literally and figuratively).  So even though I begged, cried and pleaded, they opted for the traditional medical route.  And after my initial rage filled resistance kept under wraps to protect my son,  spirit told me to surrender and go along with what they had chosen, so I did and embrace it I did, with every fiber of my being hoping with all my heart that it would work. End of story…or so I thought.

Dominic went through the BMT (bone marrow transplant) this past summer, and even though it was brutal watching him suffer with vomiting, headaches, body pain, mouth sores and discomfort, we got through it, and he was home after that and doing quite well.  The BMT seemed to have taken and he was a model patient in every way.  We were all happy as he progressed towards 2010 and plans were to remove his broviak (a chest tube that hangs from his torso), go back to school and be the teenager he longed to be. Then, seemingly out of the blue (blood tests showed nothing until the last-minute), Bam!, it was back full on.

So now, at this very critical time in his life where every day matters more than ever, I am doing my best to get his body to trust itself again.  He is no longer eating anything that feeds cancer, which is sugar, fruit,bread, dairy, pastries, salt, caffeine, meat, etc, etc, which, by the way, is what comes up 3x a day on those cafeteria trays they send up to his room (AKA cancer to go).  What he is consuming is liquid blue green algae, wheat grass (starting today), green juice (no fruit), cucumbers, avocado, lettuce, red bell peppers and only raw, vegan foods that don’t have sugar.  He doesn’t much care for it, but that’s okay, I know it is what is going to save him.  Little did I know that the IV drip was also sugar and once I told our Dr. that I was taking him off all sugar, she said that he had a sugar drip and that she would stop that as well if I wished, which I did.  Once we get him to Hippocrates on Sunday November 29th, he will begin a regimen that Dr. Brian Clement prescribes, and I will keep you updated. So here we go….into the world of green… for a 14 year old boy who has everything to live for!

30 thoughts on “We are going to Hippocrates Health Institue in Florida

    • Hi Ami,
      Thank you so much for your love and generous offer to send a gift. We are at Hippocrates Health Institute. The address is 1443 Palmdale Ct.,West Palm Beach, Florida, 33411. You can send it to my name 🙂
      Thanks and Love!!!!


  1. Jody

    I am new to your website and read your post regarding your son. My heart goes out to you, your family, and mostly to your son. From a complete stranger..know that you are all in my prayers and wish nothing less than a positive recovery.

    God Bless!
    Jody F.


  2. I just found your website and blog and that you are going through such a challenging time with your sweet son.
    I will pray for you, your son and the doctors.
    THE LINK on your website for donations is not working and couldn’t find another one.


  3. Dustin Callahan

    Elaine and Dominic,

    You are in my prayers and I’m sending every ounce of love your way during these trying times. I just donated a little something as well(all forms of energy are helpful 🙂 ).



  4. Martine

    Dear Elaina! You are a wonderful person and I believe that you and Dominic are taking the right decisions. Bless you both and your families. Lots of love, courage and peace.


  5. Scott Vogt

    Elaine, I just found out from Hal Rounds the news on your son. Jan and I send you and your family all of our thoughts and prayers so that your son has a healthy recovery. I know it has been a long time since I have seen you as we have gone our separate ways but I wanted to wish you the best. I think the article is very moving and am hoping with all my love for a speedy recovery.

    Scott and Jan Vogt


  6. Julie Howell

    Elaina you have a lot of people across the world that love you and are praying/sending healing energy for you and your beautiful son.
    I’m grateful for the healing that has begun the minute you stepped into Hippocrates!
    Be strong, keep the vibrations high – we love you!


  7. Oh Elaina, I am keeping all fingers and toes crossed for your miracle. Dom will get used to the raw stuff get addicted like all us raw folks do!
    I posted about your need on my blog. Now let’s see what your boy can do to heal.
    love and prayers,


  8. Thank you everyone for your love and prayers. We’ve made it through 5 days here an Dom is doing his best to drink all the wheatgrass and green juices. Brian Clement, director says that’s what’s going to heal him! I
    post a blog soon.


  9. Michalene

    Elaina, sending lots of love & healing energy your way to support this healing process for Dom. Glad to hear he’s being a trooper! Thinking of you both.


  10. Sweet Elaina, Kevin and I are sending love, light, and many blessings to Dominic. You are in good hands! If you need anything please know that we are here for you! Much Love, Annmarie Gianni


  11. My best to you. I just found out my cousin has bladder cancer for the second time. I am seeing her this weekend and telling her about sugars feeding it. I hope she is responsive. Thank you for sharing your story.
    Lots of love and prayers for you and Dom.


  12. Dearest Elaina and Dom,

    Our thoughts and love are with you, all the most powerful angels we can think of are surrounding you!

    So much LOVE and blessings!!! We believe in Dominic, go sweetheart go!

    Katrina and David


  13. Diana Hirsch

    Way to go Elaina! We think of you and Dominic all the time. Your wonderful spirit, and aura of positive energy has always had the strength to make many wonderful changes in people and I know this situation with Dominic won’t be any different. We are all behind you cheering the two of you and Hippocrates to a wonderful victory!


  14. Michele

    I’m sending all my love and well wishes to both of you! You KNOW the program at HHI will work for Dom. I have a teen daughter and can’t imagine what you’ve been through this year with constant hospital stays and resistance to alternative methods.

    If you have a moment, search Adam ‘Dream Healer’ … he’s an amazing young man who has literally worked miracles. If there’s a prayer list on his site, I’ll add you both!

    Take care and keep greening. Michele


  15. Martha Galan

    My heart and prayers go to you and your son.
    It makes mr cry to think of your son as I have a 13 year old and this just makes me so sad for your son and you.
    I have a sister with cml leukemia and she is taking gleevec and is holding her own so far.
    Please keep us all updated when you can to let us all know how things are going.
    God bless you both and heal Dominic quickly.


  16. Ceidre

    Dear Elaina

    You and your son are in my prayers!

    I would just like to add that it is not so much the Green juices that do the healing but the power comes from God through Jesus Christ His Son. The Green juices through the natural remedies are just a means He uses
    to impart His healing.

    I poray through the Son of God Jesus Christ that His Will be done in your sons healing.

    May you be assured that God loves us with an everlasting love and He desires above all else that we be saved in His Kingdom.

    May God’s Healing and Blessings flow to you and your son in Jesus Mighty and Wonderful Name!


  17. LaTonya

    I did the 21 day cleanse with you, Olga , & Jane this past October/November. I hope all goes well. You, Dominic, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope all goes well for you. Keep up your positive thoughts:) It will definitely be a testament to the healing power of food.


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