Mission accomplished…and then some

Yes, I did finish the marathon on October 18th, and now it feels like a million miles away, although I seriously doubt I have run even close to that many since the marathon.  It was a great event. I finished in 5 hours and 9 minutes.  I was lucky to be running with Team in Training for my first event as I had so much support, love and friendship from everyone around me.  My sister Jennifer, niece Madeline, and son Dom were there to cheer me on.  As I ran the first 14 miles, I was pumped, so full of excitement and energy.   The bathroom lines were hideously long and I attempted to wait for a bit but then finally gave up.  If I had only known that after the first 13 miles all the 1/2 ers go a different route and the porta potties are all freed up for the last 13 miles I would have strategized better.   At mile 16 my family was waiting to cheer me on and my super fit, super hot 22-year-old niece jumped in to run with me for the next 10 miles.  For anyone thinking of running a marathon, I highly recommend this wonderful addition.  She kept me company, bounced along beside me very energetically and we talked and listened to her iPod together.  It wasn’t exactly easy, but those last 10 miles did fly by unexpectedly.  We were tooling along the last couple miles blasting Michael Jackson with each of us having 1 earpiece in and running very close together.  Suddenly I looked up and I was nearly finished!  Maddie ran back to her mom and Dom and I ran through the finish.  I got my Tiffany’s necklace and the exhilarating feeling of knowing I had accomplished something few have.  It was fairly uneventful after that as all of my friends hadn’t finished and I was ready to get home and take a nap.  Overall I would say that because I was so prepared through all of my training, that it was  an easy marathon and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I have been bitten by the running bug and am in love with the high I get from it.

In fact…one week later, I snuck out (because I knew everyone would think I was crazy) and ran a brutal 1/2 marathon on a trail run out in Danville.  I had no idea what I was getting into, I just thought it would be fun to run 14 miles since I knew I was in good shape.  But boy oh boy were those hills brutal.  Just when I thought they were over, there would come a longer, steeper, tougher hill. I finished that one in 3 hours and 35 minutes and was happy to be done and swore I would never run that race again.  Whew!

Meanwhile, I continue to run, eat my chia seeds, drink my green juice and smoothies and read my running books.  Next up…Big Sur Marathon in April 2010!

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