Eating seasonally for optimum health

strawberriesOur bodies move in cycles. Not only to the cycles of the moon in each month like the tides, but by the seasons as well.  In the winter we crave and actually need completely different foods than we do in the summer. Nature knows best. Think about what grows year round. In the winter we have the hard winter squashes and winter greens, more root vegetables,  nuts, grains and overall, heavier, heartier and denser foods. In the spring and summer green foods begin shooting above ground. All the light cucumbers, watermelon, zucchini, spring onions and tender lettuces are abundant. Why is this? Because our bodies need those foods at that time. If you were to eat buckwheat, pumpkin and kale all summer, your body would think it was in a winter climate and would use those foods to warm you up. The last thing you want on a 100 degree day right? So in the summer the watermelon and cucumbers for example give us the cooling action we need. They also serve as a diuretic to clean out our kidneys. Summer is a perfect time for cleansing because the body wants to shed it’s winter weight and any toxins it’s built up all year. Listen to you mother! (nature that is), and eat the foods the grow locally (within 50-75 miles) and choose fresh picked, organic foods. These choices will affect you even more than body temperatures. Did you know that if you were to eat say- strawberries year round that you could indeed develop an allergy to them? Why? because the body needs a break from the same foods every day. Why do you think so many people are allergic to wheat, corn, eggs and dairy? Could it be because they eat them everyday, even several times a day and the body gets overloaded creating a leakage in the gut that flows into the blood, then the blood thinks this food is a foreign invader and creates an attack on it. Hmmmm something to think about next time you want to buy blueberries from New Zealand (unless you live there).

There is also the environmental impact of buying foods that don’t grow locally. All the airplanes, trucks, and ships that are burning oil and creating pollution to bring you your pineapple from Hawaii. What about the waste of all the boxes and plastic as well? Every dollar we spend is a vote. Vote for local, fresh and organic. And speaking of local and support, what about our wonderful farmers? Sure you can go to Whole Foods or where ever and buy produce grown by local farms, but if you go to the farmers markets, you are directly putting that money into the farmers pocket with no middle man. These men and women work so hard to bring us food to sustain us (especially raw foodists- right?) so taking a little extra time to go to your weekly farmers market can make a difference in the lives of those who are really feeding us.

So with summer here, now, drink your cooling green juice (see recipe below), watermelon juice, fresh green salads with plenty of juicy tomatoes, red bell peppers (never green!), and cucumbers. Try to avoid heavy nuts, dried fruits, grains and foods that will zap your energy. Instead, hydrate, rejuvenate and follow natures cues!

Cooling Green Juice Recipe

green juice

  • 1 large cucumber with skin
  • 1 bunch of celery (about 12 stalks)
  • 1 head of Romaine lettuce
  • 1 lemon

Run all the greens and lemon through a Green Star Jucier. Enjoy as a cool refreshing drink before lunch or dinner as a way to alkalize and cool your body and supress your appetite.


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