Are Sugar and Gluten Killing You?

This might seem like a heavy topic for a Friday, but I feel it is really important to look at. If you really want to heal your body take a look and see if this applies for you.

As with any condition in the body where diabetes, cancer, yeast, mold and fungus are present, the best course of action is to clear your diet of any type of gluten and  sugar which means most grains and all foods that raise insulin or blood sugar levels including all white grains (rice, wheat, sugars, syrups and fruit). Gluten, which is in a large percentage of packaged foods and most grains, has been directly linked to allergies, auto-immune disorders, autism, cancer, celiiacs disease, most bowel diseases (Chrons, IBS, Diarrhea, Constipation, diverticulitis, etc.) Candida and so many more dis-eases. Dr. Aronld Erhet who wrote The Mucusless Diet Healing System conveys how all diseases can be traced back to diet. He suggests that gluten and other mucus forming foods such as dairy if eliminated from one’s diet can According to Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, author of Conscious Eating, There is a Cure for DIabetes and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, after 3 months on a diet of no  “sweets” the body will reset its composting button and you will be able to add moderate amounts of sweets back into your life. You may either begin the program with  Phase I or Phase II depending on the severity of your condition. People with cancer, aids, diabetes and extreme cases of Candida, will want to go on Phase I for 3 months or longer, others who just want to do a beneficial clearing, will want to use Phase II. Adopting a sugar-free diet has many benefits. The mind becomes clearer, energy levels increase (after initial detox), you will wake up feeling fresh and clear-headed, moods become even and upbeat. Symptoms such as skin conditions, headaches, depression, low sex-drive, digestive problems, painful menstruation, mood swings, irritability, low energy, joint pain, arthritis, back pain, bloating, and many more may subside. Give it a try, even just for a couple of weeks and see if you notice any changes.

Help with Sugar Cravings

As with any cleanse, especially one that eliminates sweets, you may find yourself having strong sweet cravings. When you feel the urge to eat sweets, the following recommendations may help

  • Eat a bowl of Sauerkraut
  • Drink Green Juice
  • Drink Sparkling water sweetened with stevia, lemon juice and cranberry or black currant juice
  • Eat Radishes
  • Drink Vitamineral greens mixed with water and stevia
  • Take probiotics
  • Call a friend for support (sometimes just talking about it helps)
  • Exercise enough to get out of breath (run, walk up steep hills, bike, jump)

The result of an imbalance due to yeast, fungus, mold and low friendly flora counts are:

  • Fatigue
  • Itching (all over and/or anal)
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • AIDS
  • Skin rashes
  • Low sex-drive
  • Food allergies
  • Sensitivity to tobacco and odors
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Menstrual irregularities and pain
  • Digestive problems
  • Other immune related disordersTo see a chart of foods allowed on Phase 1 and 2, go to: Gabriel Cousens Phase 1 chart
 Once you experience the Freedom that going off of sugar and gluten brings, you will be jumping for joy with your newfound energy!
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