Peek Inside the Kitchen of 24 Raw Fooders

bookHow would you like to visit my home and the homes of 23 other busy people who thrive on raw foods, peek inside our private kitchens, and “spy” on us as we prepare meals for an entire week?

I’m talking about well-known raw fooders like me and:

Rhonda Malkmus
Russell James
Philip McCluskey
Penni Shelton
Tonya Zavasta, and
Nathan Crane

Plus, a variety of people who eat 50-90% raw such as:
• Kemi Nekvapil, a leading speaker in Australia and author of ” Raw Beauty”
• Veronica Grace, author of “Vegan Comfort Foods From Around the World”
• Lisa Books-Williams, Raw Chef and Vegan Cooking Instructor

Well you might not be able to sneak into our kitchens. But now, thanks to my friend Nomi Shannon’s groundbreaking latest project you’ll get the next best thing ……It’s her all new collection called:

What Do Raw Fooders Eat? Volume 2
Discover Exactly What the Successful Ones Do

Here’s the scoop. 24 raw fooders kept meticulous food journals for an entire week. (Raw fooders = 50% or more raw.)

This collection will give you hundreds of brand new ideas to thrill your taste buds and shake up your menu plan. You’ll never again settle for the same boring meals, or wonder what to eat. And it’s yours risk free for three full months.

The difference between What Do Raw Fooders Eat, Volume 2 and a recipe book-despite the fact that there are hundreds of recipes in the book-is that you are seeing actual meal plans, not just a pile of unrelated recipes.

Is this the key to your success as a raw fooder? Nomi thinks that it very well might be, and so do I!. Finally, you get to see the full picture. 7 full days of eating from 24 successful raw fooders. 504 Meals! Plus snacks!

What Do Raw Fooders Eat, Volume 2 is ready NOW both as a printed, full-color, hard-copy book and as a PDF eBook. I am so excited!


Elaina Love

P.S. Don’t forget Nomi is offering over $200 in bonuses to the first 500 people who buy this amazing collection! And, she is so confident that you’ll love What do Raw Fooders Eat, Volume 2, she’s offering a risk free 90 day warranty. This email is going out to a lot of people, so check it out now.
Here is one out of the many hundreds of recipes from What Do Raw Fooders Eat, Volume 2:


Strawberry Carob Fig Crunch Parfait

This pretty layered dessert is perfect for entertaining. The best part? It’s nut free*

Layer each part of the parfait with chopped fresh strawberries between the layers and topped with Brazil Nut Fig Crunch.

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy.
*technically Brazil nuts are seeds

Layer 1: Carob Hemp Pudding Ingredients:

¾-1 cup young coconut water
¹/³ cup hemp seeds
¹/³ cup pitted, packed dates
¼ cup carob powder
1 tsp. each: maca and mesquite powders
¼ tsp. vanilla extract
¹/8 tsp. freshly grated nutmeg

Layer 2: Strawberry Pudding Ingredients:

1½ cups chopped strawberries
¾ cup packed young coconut pulp
¼ tsp. vanilla extract
2 TBS each: maple syrup and melted coconut oil
1 TBS lemon juice

Directions: Blend all but the coconut oil until smooth and creamy. Add the oil and blend again to incorporate.

Layer 3: Brazil Nut Fig Crunch Ingredients:

½ cup each: chopped black mission figs and chopped Brazil nuts
¼ cup goji berries
½ tsp. cinnamon
2 tsp. each: maple syrup and melted coconut oil
¼ tsp. freshly grated nutmeg
Pinch of salt

Directions: Toss all ingredients together

This parfait recipe comes from Phillip McCluskey’s chapter in What Do Raw Fooders Eat, Volume 2.

Eat, Play, Love in the Kitchen

I’d been spending some colorful days – eating, playing in the kitchen, and cleansing – with my good friend, Katelyn Louise.

Here are some of our creations:


Zucchini Pesto with Avocado Sauce


Fresh Nopal pads, avocado, cucumber, green onions and red bell pepper powder topped with a spicy avocado dressing


Sauerkraut, Coconut Kefir, and Coconut Yogurt


Purple Cabbage




















We also made some Aloe Lemon Mint Cooler!  Here’s how:



Featured Image -- 6037


Since I love sprouting so much, I thought I would update this blog post from 2012. Enjoy your sprouting at home!

Elaina Loves Blog

I love sprouts! Who doesn’t love fresh foods grown in their very own kitchen? Well if you feel daunted by the task, check out this post on how to easliy grown your own at home..

There are 2 ways to grow sprouts. 1 is in dirt and the other (much easier) is to grow your own sprouts in jars. To grow them in jars, all you need is some 32 oz. (1 liter) sized mason jars, some mesh screen form a hardware store, rubberbands to secure the screen and some sprouting seeds such as alfalfa, clover and broccoli. Then soak about 1 TBS of the seeds in the jar and add enough water to cover plus a bit more. Let sit overnight in the water, then drain them and turn them upside down at an angle (with the screen fastened in place0. Rinse the sprouts morning and evening and keep…

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Powered by wheat grass

I’m back in the US from weeks of raw chef training in Bali and visiting places and former students in Thailand, Philippines, and Hong Kong.  To recharge, a dear friend Katelyn – an awesome raw food chef! – and I stayed in San Diego to cleanse!

Here are some photos I’m so loving to share!

11401070_10153913092573154_8782894640492006117_n 11407236_10153915231903154_5178998701161806020_n



Then came Thailand

After a month stay in Ubud, I was ready for some down time in Thailand – eating and preparing raw food with Karma Kafe owners, enjoying the sun, and having good bonding time with old and new friends.


















A month in Bali, a month of raw love

Time does fly when you’re having fun!  Our one month raw chef certification and detox in Ubud, Bali is over.  It felt wonderful to be surrounded by beautiful people – my raw food tribe.

Here are the highlights of this month-long course…

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Decadent desserts…

What do you say about low glycemic yet decadent desserts?  Impossible?  I’d say very POSSIBLE!  This was the theme for the raw food class at Whole Foods here in Tucson a few days ago and we had an amazing time!  32 people, 4 desserts, and 3 lovely ladies who helped me organize and run the class – Laura Kruszewski from Whole Foods,  Rosemarie Alfaro, and Sarah Hart.
Here are some photos and a bonus recipe for you all!
photo 1

w/ Rosemarie and Sarah

photo 5

Keen on sharing raw delights

photo 3

32 raw food enthusiasts in one night!

photo 2

let’s see if you can guess this recipe

Apple cobbler with pecan crumble
photo 4

apples, dates…

6 large apples or pears to yield approximately 5-6 cups of very thinly sliced fruit

6-10 large dates

1 TBS cinnamon or to taste

2 tsp. lemon juice (more for more tangy flavor)

1/2 tsp. lemon zest

  1. Use a mandolin on it’s finest setting to slice halved apples or pears into super thin slices.
  2. Puree the dates, lemon zest and cinnamon with 1 cup of chopped apples or as needed to get mixture to form a paste in a blender or food processor.
  3. Mix the remaining fruit together with the paste by hand in a large bowl.  Really mix it well to be sure to incorporate all the paste with the apples.



2 ½ cups soaked and dehydrated pecans or walnuts (you can also bake on low temperature for 20 minutes if you don’t have a dehydrator)

1/3 cup coconut sugar

2 teaspoons cinnamon powder

1/8 tsp. nutmeg

¼ tsp. Himalayan salt

  1. Place half of the pecans in the food processor with the S blade.  Process until ”butter” is formed.  Add seasonings and remaining pecans.  Pulse the mixture to a consistency of coarse sand.
  2. To assemble the cobbler place a light dusting of crumble across the bottom of a square 4”x4”(brownie pan about 1/4 of the mixture).
  3. Place apple mixture evenly on the crumble being careful not to disrupt the crust on the bottom.
  4. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.
  5. Sprinkle the cobbler with the remaining topping.
  6. Note: If you are not going to serve the crumble immediately, wait until it is being served to put the crumble on the top to ensure that it stays crunchy.
photo 6

Apple cobbler with pecan crumble